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Jackye served as the Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Crisis Center at the YWCA in Santa Clara County for 24 years. During that time, she completed my Masters Degree in Psychology at San Jose State University and professionally trained in the areas of Victimology, Criminal Behavioral Analysis, and Interviewing/ Interrogation techniques. In the mid-1980’s, while a graduate student at SJSU, she began teaching in the Department of Justice Studies (then the Administration of Justice Department). The first course she was assigned was “Crime Prevention” – a course that eventually morphed into the 118 curriculum. While working at the rape crisis center, and later as the Director of the Administration of Justice Bureau, she gained extensive experience as a professional trainer for Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) and Standards in Training for Corrections (STC). She is also a Behavioral Health Educator for Kaiser Permanente. My personal teaching goals are: (1) foster critical thinking skills, (2) facilitate and encourage lifelong learning skills and (3) instill accountability in every student.