James Lee, Ph.D.

Portrait of James LeeDepartment Chair

MacQuarrie Hall 524A


Email: james.lee@sjsu.edu

Drop-in Office Hours:

Tuesday - Thursday, 1:00 - 2:00 pm

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Professor Bio

Dr. Lee was trained in sociology with emphases in criminology and social psychology. His research typically focuses on the processes by which people become winners or losers. He has evaluated the effectiveness of programs in higher education and in community settings, some intended to enhance success and others to improve life for the disadvantaged. His research has also explored the ways that people who are labeled criminal or deviant respond to labels, both personally and socially. He derives great joy from teaching about younger persons’ experiences in educational and correctional contexts. He also gains satisfaction from teaching students how to make sense of and produce quality research. 

Research and Teaching Interests

Self and Identity; Deviant Behavior; Juvenile Delinquency; Research Methods and Statistics; Program Evaluation

Selected Publications

Kroska, Amy, Lee, James Daniel and Carr, Nicole T. 2016. "Juvenile Delinquency and Self-Sentiments: Exploring a Labeling Theory Proposition." Social Science Quarterlydoi:10.1111/ssqu.12307

Lee, James Daniel, Claudio G. Vera Sanchez, and Yoko Baba. 2013. “Sunday Friends: The Working Alternative to Charity.” Journal of Applied Social Science. 7(2):148-187.

Lee, James Daniel, Philip J. Carr and Tiffanie N. Bruch. 2007. “Digging Out of Trouble: Public Archaeology as Rehabilitation for Juvenile Delinquents.” Journal of Applied Social Science. 1:29-61.

Noble, Kimberly, Nicole T. Flynn, James D. Lee, and David Hilton. 2007. “Predicting Successful College Experiences: Evidence from a First Year Retention Program.” Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice. 9:39-60.

Lee, James Daniel. 2005. “Do Girls Change More than Boys? Gender Differences and Similarities in the Impact of New Relationships on Identities and Behaviors.” Self and Identity. 4: 131-47.

Lee, James Daniel and Elizabeth A. Craft. 2002. “Protecting One’s Self from a Stigmatized Disease . . . Once One Has It.” Deviant Behavior. 23:267-99.