Themis seeks original research papers and book review submissions from undergraduate and graduate students. Students from any major may submit, but papers must be topically related to justice, injustice, human rights, criminal justice, criminology, law, law enforcement, philosophy of law, criminal or forensic psychology, neuroscience, or forensic science. Selection for publication is competitive. Students may not submit more than two papers per volume. Social science papers must be in APA format. Science papers must be in format used by Journal of Forensic Sciences. 

Themis is a professional-quality, peer-reviewed academic journal, publishing SJSU student research in justice studies and forensic science.  The journal will feature student research papers and book reviews.




The purpose of Themis is to:

  1. Inspire academic research and original writing in justice fields;
  2. Instill respect for authorship and the writing and process;
  3. Promote scholarly excellence and professionalism;
  4. Develop editorial and critical evaluation skills;
  5. Provide students a means for publication and recognition of scholarship, and a source of pride in their department;
  6. Provide students the experience of peer review: evaluating and critiquing papers for style, clarity, content and accuracy; and line-editing papers for publication.


Themis will be published yearly in April/May, 250 paper copies and electronically, and will contain 10-15 student papers per volume.

In addition to the printed publication, the journal is available electronically and hosted by Digital Commons/SJSU Scholarworks.

Faculty Advisor: Mary Juno

Call for Papers for Volume IV, Spring 2016