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RCP Services

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Information for the Community [pdf]

The Record Clearance Project provides:

  • Presentations regarding expungement law and employment rights of people with criminal convictions
  • LiveScan fingerprinting so people can get a copy of their criminal history report ("RAP sheet")
  • “Speed Screening” interviews to review people's RAP sheets and provide one-on-one consultations regarding their next steps in the expungement process
  • Representation in court on petitions to dismiss eligible convictions and reduce eligible felonies to misdemeanors in Santa Clara County
  • Path to Expungement mentoring program helping people transition from custody to prepare to expunge convictions in court
  • Three-unit class on Practical Legal Skills to in-custody students for SJSU credit (not currently offered)

All RCP legal services are free. 

Informacion para la Comunidad [pdf]



Upcoming Events


Free RAP Sheet Reviews - Learn the next steps to expungement


Date: TBD

Location: TBD

Time: TBD

Please note: Speed Screening interviews are first come first served. People will be seen in the order that they arrive and check in. 


Speed Screenings are individual interviews to determine their next steps towards expungement (record clearance).

Please bring your RAP sheet (criminal history report) or background check report. Learn how to get your RAP sheet. 

Please RSVP a week in advance of the event online here or by phone (408) 924-2758 or email


All services are free. A voluntary, $10 donation is requested.

If a court hearing is not required, we may be able to complete necessary expungement forms. Court representation takes preparation and is beyond the scope of this event.

Please inform us if a reasonable accommodation for a disability is required.


Speed Screening Flyer [pdf]

Speed Screening Flyer en Español [pdf]


Free/Low-Cost LiveScan to get your RAP Sheet


At present, RCP is providing free/low cost livescan sessisons only through group sessions. If you are a member of a group or organization that would like to schedule a group livescan session please email us at

Getting a copy of your criminal history report is the first step to clearing your criminal record. The Department of Justice will mail your LiveScan results to you in approximately one week. You can bring your RAP sheet to our next speed screening for a free rap sheet review. 

Items to Bring:

Photo Identification: Any Photo Identification. Examples include: CA drivers’ license, CA DMV identification card, out-of-state drivers’ license or other photo identification. 


$25 cash (exact change) for the Department of Justice fee.


Proof of Inability to pay. LiveScans are free to those who are unable to pay. You can prove inability to pay by bringing either paystubs or proof of government assistance. Proof of government assistance includes CalWORKS, MediCal, disability insurance, housing assistance, food stamps, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or unemployment benefits. 


 *Temporarily on hold

Live Scan Event Flyer [pdf] *

Live Scan Event Flyer en Español [pdf] *



Please Help Support the Record Clearance Project

The Record Clearance Project relies upon support from donations.  To donate, please click here and specify the Record Clearance Project in the "Other Purpose" box.

Or mail a check made out to "The Tower Foundation" to:

The Tower Foundation, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192-0256.  Please note “Record Clearance Project” in the memo line.  (The Tower Foundation is SJSU’s auxiliary organization and is a 501c3 accepting philanthropic donations for use at San José State University.)


Contact the RCP


TEL: (408) 924-2758

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