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RCP Staff


anahi beltranAdministrative Coordinator Anahi Beltran grew up in east San Jose and is the first in her family to attend college.  She graduated in Spring 2016 with a BS in Justice Studies and a minor in Forensic Science. Based on her experience with the RCP, Anahi plans to attend law school in the future. Anahi was raised by a single mother who worked three jobs to support her sister and her. Anahi herself began working when she was 10, going with family members to clean houses and giving her earnings to her family. As Administrative Coordinator, Anahi is in charge of administrative operations of the Record Clearance Project. She speaks and writes                                      fluent Spanish.



NishthaLegal Director Nishtha Jolly received her JD from Santa Clara University School of Law in 2017. Nishtha started working for the Record Clearance Project in 2011 and has been involved with the project ever since.  During law school, in addition to helping the RCP, Nishtha interned with Bay Area Legal Aid and the Alexander Community Law Center (Santa Clara's community-based clinical program) assisting low-income clients in enforcing their legal rights.  Her research project focused on bail reform.  Nishtha also worked with the Santa Clara County Public Defender's office, volunteering for several years to help low-income criminal defendants secure their rights.  Nishtha is passionate about promoting social equality, and plans to use her law degree to bring about positive changes in the world. She received her bachelor's and master's degree in criminal justice from SJSU.  Nishtha speaks Hindi and Punjabi.


Cheryl LozanoMentor Cheryl Lozano is currently a student at San Jose State University. She received her AA in Sociology from Evergreen Community College and is working toward her Bachelors degree in Sociology with a minor in Accounting. As a former client of the SJSU Record Clearance Project, Cheryl now works as a mentor in the RCP's Path to Expungement program, helping incarcerated individuals move forward with their lives by passing on hope, faith, and possibilities for new beginnings.



Mentor Victoria Kirschner had her record expunged in 2011, and has been volunteering as a motivational speaker with the RCP ever since.  After decades of addiction, Victoria began living a life of sobriety in August 2002.  She has sponsored other women in recovery and been the manager of a recovery home.  She is active in her church and community.  Victoria has worked in the transportation industry for years.  She enthusiastically embraces her work as a guide to people moving from custody to create their own, individual stories of success.


Attorney Subba (Shaun) Naidu, Jr. began working on expungement law with RCP Director Peggy Stevenson when he was a summer student at the Stanford Community Law Clinic in 2005.  Shaun has supervised RCP students’ work and helped train students for almost a decade. He is the author of many of the RCP's materials. He has a JD from University of Iowa Law School and a BA from UC Berkeley. 


Christine Nguyen PicStudent Assistant Christine Nguyen enrolled in RCP in Fall 2015 and has remained with the program ever since.  Since her freshman year in 2013, Christine served for three years with JusticeCorps, assisting people at the Self-Help Center at the Santa Clara County Superior Court on a variety of cases including family law issues (restraining orders, divorce, child custody & visitation, establishing parentage) and civil/probate issues (eviction for landlord and tenant, guardianship, limited conservatorship).  She staffs the Mentors in the Path to Expungement program as they assist their clients, and has been involved in RCP outreach regarding expungement law to the Vietnamese community in San José.



Zulema Pimentel PicProject Assistant Zulema Pimentel-Licea joined the RCP as a student in fall 2015 and became a staff member in 2016. In 2014, she earned an AA degree in Liberal Arts from Allan Hancock College. She graduated from San José State University with a BS in Justice Studies and a minor in Human Rights in Spring 2016.  She plans to attend law school to help achieve social justice and help enforce people's legal rights.  She is fluent in spoken and written Spanish.




AlyssaSpecial Projects Investigator Alyssa Rodriguez earned her M.S. in Justice Studies from San José State University in May 2017. Alyssa was the first in her family to graduate from college. Alyssa grew up visiting relatives in the jail and prison system; one of her uncles served 22 years and was released in 2012.  Alyssa worked at the San Diego Superior Court as a Pretrial Services Intern.  She also co-taught 25 lifers in a creative writing and healing class at Donovan State Prison. She plans to apply for law school in Fall 2018 and ultimately hopes to become a judge. As a Special Projects Investigator, she is working on professional licensing and Department of Social Services exemptions for formerly incarcerated men and women. Alyssa received a B.A. in Sociology at San Diego State University in 2014.  She is fluent in spoken and written Spanish.


PeggyRCP Project Director attorney Margaret (Peggy) Stevenson has taught students to provide legal services to low-income clients since 1994, including 12 years of teaching Stanford and Santa Clara law students in community-based clinics.  She began teaching at SJSU in 2007. She received the Equity and Diversity Outstanding Faculty award, SJSU College of Applied Sciences and Arts (May 2011); Faculty Lecturer Award, SJSU Service Learning and Community Engagement (April 2012). Prior to teaching, Peggy was a legal services attorney for 10 years and clerked for a federal judge following UCLA Law School, where she earned her JD. She has a BA from Stanford University.  She speaks conversational Spanish.



Mentor José Valle grew up in a single-parent low-income housing project in East San José. Without a positive male role model, José was vulnerable to the gangs and drugs that surrounded him, and dropped out of high school when he was 16. While at Elmwood Jail in 2006, José joined a recovery program, received his GED, and found inspiration at the Elmwood library in books about pre-Colombian and Chicano history. 

Upon release, José continued his sobriety. José wrote for Silicon Valley De-Bug and Street Low Magazine about Chicano history, current issues, and his life experiences. He co-hosted a community talk radio show, and founded Souleros Ball Revue, a nonprofit arts, music and cultural empowerment organization. José has been a case manager and gang intervention specialist with the City of San José and nonprofits working with gang-impacted youth and families.  He currently works at Silicon Valley De-Bug.


Laura Wright PicMentor Laura Wright is a former RCP client. While Laura was in custody in 2014 for two felonies related to her addiction, the RCP spoke to her unit regarding legal rights to expungement. Given new hope for her future, she contacted RCP to start the process of expungement as soon as she was released three months later. She worked with Mentor José Valle, maintained her sobriety, attended school full-time and worked as a waitress. In November 2016, the court granted Laura's petition to terminate her probation early based on her progress and to clear her record. Laura graduated from community college in May 2017 and is attending Cal State Monterey Bay.