RCP - Student Information

Students interested in working on the Record Clearance Project can enroll in Justice Studies JS140 or JS141.  Permission of instructor Margaret Stevenson is required.

JS 140: Record Clearance Project – Practical Legal Skills (3 units; 100 W is a prerequisite)
Learn a range of legal skills, including legal analysis, reading a rap sheet, legal research, and working with an interpreter.
Apply those skills in interviewing clients at two community “Speed Screenings” and giving a community presentation on expungement law.

While this class focuses on assisting clients to clear their criminal records, the skills are applicable broadly.

JS 141: Record Clearance Project – Representation (3 units; JS 140 is a prerequisite)
This class, in combination with JS 140, meets the Justice Studies internship requirement.

Represent clients seeking to get their criminal convictions dismissed. Apply interviewing and legal writing skills, and help people change their lives.