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The Department of Justice engages in collaborations with various members of the community to pursue its goal of a more just and fairer society. At the moment, we are involved with the following programs:

Institute for Collaborative Response for Victims of Family Violence



Dr. Danielle Harris Receives Guggenheim Foundation Grant
In Spring 2013, Dr. Danielle Harris, Assistant Professor was in the Center for Applied Research on Human Services Spotlight (video).

Dr. Harris recently received a grant from the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation for her project, “Desistance from sexual offending across the life course:  A multimethod approach”.

This study  explores the nature and extent of desistance from offending for a sample of men convicted of sexual offenses and referred for civil commitment at the Massachusetts Treatment Center (MTC). This study is part of a larger project that constitutes the longest, most comprehensive follow-up of male sex offenders ever conducted. Up to 1189 participants who were housed at the MTC between 1959 and 1991 have been followed for a period of up to 52 years. This specific will examine potential protective factors that may contribute to an in-depth understanding about why some offenders desist from participating in sexual violence, whereas others do not. These questions will be explored through interviews of a subset of subjects. We will locate, interview, and administer the Multidimensional Inventory of Development, Sex, and Aggression (a contingency-based computerized inventory; MIDSA, 2008) to 50 recidivists and 50 desisters.