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Sherri Sager

Temple Emanu-El
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The SJSU Middle East Studies Consortium

San José
State University

Jewish Studies

Dr. Jonathan P. Roth

Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary minor program, offering to students courses within two colleges and seven departments, allowing for a reading of contemporary, historical, fictional, philosophical, and scriptural texts that enable the critical exploration of issues and ideas. Please see the minor program pages for required and optional courses. Courses are also available to non-matriculating students through Open University.

Courses Available for Fall 2016


Upper Division Courses


Political Science 144: Middle Eastern Politics

Professor Constantine Danopoulos

TR 10:30 - 11:45

HGH 116

One of the most volatile, if tragic, regions of international politics is the Middle East. This course is designed to acquaint the student with crucial issues of the Arab-Israeli dispute, the East-West involvement, the impact of rapid political modernization, and the inter-Arab confrontations in the region. The course also includes a basic historical background of the area and a look at the contemporary political systems of the most important states of the Middle East. Strategic location, oil wealth, and instability, makes the Middle East a study of considerable urgency.



Lower Division Courses


Bible Papyrus

Hebrew Courses

Professor Rina Katzen

The Hebrew program is directed to people interested in the Bible, religious studies, archeology, linguistics, learning a foreign language, or learning about ancient and modern Israel.

In the Advanced Hebrew course students read Hebrew magazines, newspapers, and other literature, as they continue studying the language and grammar at an advanced level.

Beginning Hebrew, HEBR 10A

TR 10:30-11:15, CL 208

Religion 90: Bible History and Literature

Professor Brent Walters

Genesis 1

TR 9:00-10:15, DMH 226B    

W 18:00-20:45, SH 240

Satisfies C2 requirement

This introductory course on the Bible reconstructs the original context of the biblical record, covering the social setting of the Jews and early Christians in light of the cultural and religious environment that influenced the writers of these sacred writings. Discussing literal and figurative uses of language, the class studies biblical narrative, prophecy, poetry, wisdom, apocalypse, gospel, parable, and epistle.