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Buildings | Spartan Complex & Yoshihiro Uchida Hall

The newly renovated space in Spartan Complex and YUH is shared by the College of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Department of Kinesiology. YUH reopened for the start of the fall 2014 semester after a year-long renovation. The $54.7 million bond-financed project also includes a renovation of Spartan Complex that began during summer 2014.

Spartan Complex SJSU

Spartan Complex is a historic space on the campus of San José State University (SJSU). Spartan Complex is a group of buildings totaling 176,062 square feet that house the school’s athletic facilities, kinesiology department and natatorium (indoor aquatic center). The massive project involved renovations to existing classrooms and offices; upgrades within the gymnasium, natatorium, dance and judo studios, weight and locker rooms, and mechanical spaces; and the addition of a 191-seat auditorium-style classroom, a lobby, and a two-story office wing, which expanded the complex by 5,600 square feet.


The newly renovated spaces in YUH have a refurbished mat room that will be used by SJSU Judo, which has a history of training Olympic athletes. The space will be shared with other kinesiology courses that use floor mats, such as yoga. In addition, the YUH building has an auditorium that is already being used for several large classes. On the second floor, the roof of the amphitheater has been designed as a terrace garden that looks out toward Tower Lawn.

Other features and amenities in YUH include an updated weight training classroom, an exercise physiology research lab, a stress management lab and classroom, and an updated instructional gymnasium. Office space is being used jointly by kinesiology faculty and staff members, along with the athletics department.

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Carlos & Smith SJSU Photo

During the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, United States track athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos were awarded medals for their athletic efforts. However, the great athletic feat would soon be shadowed by one of the most memorable moments in the American Civil Rights Movement. Tommie Smith and John Carlos would protest the poor treatment of African-American people in the United States and stood to empower the African American community. This is a great symbol for the community of San José State University. Tommie Smith and John Carlos were both students at this prestigious university and showed San José State University students of the present and the future that students can make a difference on the global stage.


Motor Behavior Laboratory  Motor Behavior Laboratory 

students at motor behavior lab students at motor behavior lab
students at motor behavior lab students at motor behavior lab

Adapted Physical Activity

Qualitative Research 

exercise equipment at adapted lab qualitative lab with computers

Biomechanics Lab

Biomechanics Lab

BioMech Lab Pic 2

Exercise Physiology Laboratory 

Ex Phys Lab

BioMech Lab