About Kinesiology


The students (approximately 900 undergrad and 100 graduate) in our department major in Kinesiology. Overwhelmingly, our students find themselves enthused about some form of human movement: physical activity in general, physical fitness, exercise, sports, or wellness. The department has approximately twenty one full-time faculty with areas of expertise ranging from Exercise Physiology to Sport History.

Graduates of our department include:

  • Two coaches of NFL Super Bowl Champion teams - Bill Walsh and Dick Vermeil
  • US Senator - Ben Nighthorse Campbell
  • Former PGA player, US Open winner, and broadcaster - Ken Venturi
  • LPGA golfer - Tracey Hanson
  • First female athletic trainer in the NFL - Ariko Iso
  • Renowned for his work in sport psychology - Dr. Dan Landers of Arizona State University.

We take pride in the good relations we've maintained with professionals in our region. In many cases these connections have produced valuable internship and career opportunities for our students.

Kinesiology Mission Statement (approved 2005)

In an atmosphere of social justice, equity, and sensitivity to issues of diversity, the Department of Kinesiology seeks to:

  • Assist in fulfilling the mission of San Jose State University
  • Prepare exemplary professionals in the field of Kinesiology
  • Promote and provide for physically active lifestyles for all
  • Promote and provide for the academic study of human movement, physical activity, and sport

Additionally, the department will:

  • Provide a high quality educational experience for our students
  • Instill respect for lifelong learning and critical thinking
  • Prepare students for life and society
  • Offer a broad based and contemporary selection of activity, general education, undergraduate, and graduate courses
  • Promote and provide for scholarship and professional activity
  • Facilitate and promote community interaction

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