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2018 Community Message

We have been busy as a department, and as you will see in the pages of our most recent Communicator newsletter, there is much to be proud of. In addition to the successes of our Dr. M. Masuccistudents, faculty (current and retired) and alumni, we have been managing a steady growth in enrollment in all of our program areas and are currently the 3rd largest major on campus. Of course, the growth in enrollment must be balanced with advancing the mission of the department to “create and disseminate knowledge; engage in community service; prepare and graduate exemplary kinesiology professionals; as well as meet individual and societal needs for physical activity, sport, movement, and wellness.”

Along with our more seasoned members, we are fortunate to have added several dynamic new faculty to our ranks. You can read their bios here, but suffice it to say, they are already helping to transform the department with their energy and enthusiasm as we prepare our students for their future careers. As always, we put the success of our students at the forefront of what we do. Whether fostering student engagement in research, connecting theory and practice in the community through our internship programs, or by providing a relevant and forward-thinking curriculum, many of our students, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, go on to become leaders in their respective fields and ambassadors for the value of kinesiology.

When you have a moment, I’d like to direct your attention to the new and improved department website: Under the capable leadership of long-time lecturer and former KIN graduate student, Daniel Murphy, the newly organized and expanded website provides a great resource for prospective, current and former KIN students, faculty and staff. I’d like to highlight in particular a newly added section on the history of the department (http://www.sjsu. edu/kinesiology/about/history/). Drawing from former department chair Shirley Reekie’s 2012 book, Bean Bags to Bod Pods: A History of 150 years of San José State University’s Department of Kinesiology, this site provides an overview of the storied history of one of the oldest departments of physical education in the country to present day. As part of the ongoing commitment to preserving our history, I would encourage you to forward electronic copies of photographs and/or scans of documents and archival materials to me at so we can continue to expand this virtual space.

Last but not least, your continued generosity helps us to support the academic mission of the department. We have identified several areas of need including funds for student scholarships, equipment for research and the physical activity program, funds to bring renowned speakers to campus and resources to support faculty and student research in sport and physical activity. More details may be found at the following link:

As you will see by reading though the Communicator, website, and social media channels, our alumni, students, faculty and staff are accomplishing amazing things within the SJSU campus community and beyond. I am exceptionally proud to be serving as chair during this exciting time in the department’s history and welcome your suggestions for how we can continue to improve.

-Matt Masucci, Chair


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