The Kinesiology department takes pride in providing sound, accurate, and timely advising to all undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Students

If you are a prospective freshman and transfer students, attend an SJSU orientation session or for transfer students a Transfer Information Program (TIP) session and then connect with our advising manager Dr. Jessica Chin. Once you meet with her for general advising, she will assign you an academic advisor who will work closely with you through to the time you graduate.

If you are a current undergraduate student, meet each semester with your academic advisor to discuss coursework, progress, career planning, and to resolve any problems that arise along the way.

Please be sure you are on the Kinesiology Student Email list. If you are not getting email from the department please contact Winston Kwong in the Kinesiology main office at (408) 924-3011 and ask to have your email added to the list. This is a critical resource for you and the department.

Looking for a 'roadmap' to graduation? Roadmaps can be found on the SJSU Advising Hub MyRoadMap page.

For those interested in Physical Therapy, additional information is provided here.

Remember to file for graduation one year in advance of the semester you plan to graduate!

Undergraduate Students Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help with KIN advising?
First, know who your advisor is and please be sure to contact your advisor during the regular semester--don't wait until Winter or Summer when they are likely not here! Also, the Advising Handbook, and the Roadmaps (see above) will likely answer most of your questions. Advising help is also available at the University Advising Hub (scroll down to links), the Student Advising Center (also see link below) and, starting in August 2010, the CASA Advising Center will be available in MacQuarrie Hall. Only after you have tried all these sources, please contact the KIN office at 924 3010 and you will be told which instructor is doing advising on which day per week over the summer/winter, or to find out who is your assigned advisor. Unfortunately, owing to state budget cuts, we have lost staff members and cannot respond as quickly as we used to.

Starting on August 25, we will have student assistants/peer advisors ready to answer your questions at 408 924 3010 or by drop-in at SPX 56 between 9 and 11 AM, Mon-Thurs. Please do NOT leave a message there before August 25 as it will NOT be returned.

I can't get into any of my classes because they are all full. What do I do?
With the state's budget cuts, we are unable to offer all the classes we used to, to meet student needs. We monitor the waitlists carefully and add classes as the budget allows, where essential. It is most unlikely that classes will be added after the time period that is 4 weeks from the start of classes. First, consider taking all upper division GE, all KIN prereqs, and activity classes. If you still need classes that are full, please go to the first class meeting with all paperwork that indicates your status, if graduating. Sadly, you may be delayed in your graduation plans if additional classes cannot be offered owing to lack of funding.

What classes will be offered in winter/summer?
During the first week of the regular semester, we look to see which classes have the longest waitlists. We try to offer these classes in the following intersession, if we can find qualified instructors willing to teach. You may find out what classes will be offered by stopping by the office in late September/ February.

Must I take 100W in KIN?
Yes! The only exception is if you were declared as a major in another department when you already took it, you do not need to re-take it.

Must I have completed the prerequisites for a class before taking it?
Prerequisites are designed to help you pass the next class so yes, they are required. KIN 70 is the only exceptions it may be taken concurrently. If you believe you have a special case, you need to contact the instructor of the class directly.

Graduate Students

If you are a prospective graduate student, following acceptance into the program, connect with our Graduate Program CoordinatorDr. Ted Butryn. He will provide guidance as you begin your studies.

Departmental Advising

Your Kinesiology advisor will be assigned to you by the KIN office staff. 

Masucci, Matthew; Ph.D.
Department Chair
SPX 104; 408-924-3010

Semerjian, Tamar; Ph.D.
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
SPX 116; 408-924-3069

Chin, Jessica; Ph.D.
Undergraduate Advising Manager
SPX 173F; 408-924-3039

Dr. Ted Butryn; Ph.D.
Graduate Program Coordinator
SPX 173B; 408-924-3068

University Advising