Faculty & Staff

The Department of Kinesiology is comprised of 21 tenured and tenure-track faculty, 17 lecturers, 35+ activity instructor faculty, and 4 staff. Phone, email, and brief descriptive information are listed below. If you have program-specific questions, please contact the appropriate coordinator or manager directly.


Coordinators & Managers

 Dr. Theodore Butryn
Ted Butryn, Ph.D.
Sport Sociology & Sport Psychology 
Interim Director ISSSC
Graduate Program Coordinator 
Spartan Complex 173B
 Dr. Gong Chen
Gong Chen, Ed.D.
Physical Activity Specialist
Physical Activity Program Coordinator
Spartan Complex 109
 Jessica Chin
Associate Professor
Research and Core Specialist 
Associate Chair
Undergraduate Advising Manager
Spartan Complex 173F
 Matthew Masucci
Department Chair
Sport Philosophy & Cultural Studies
Spartan Complex 104
 Dr. Peggy Plato 
Peggy Plato, Ph.D.
Applied Exercise Physiology
General Education Program Coordinator
Spartan Complex 174
 Dr. T.S.
Sport & Exercise Psychology
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Spartan Complex 116
 Bethany Shifflett
Bethany Shifflett, Ph.D.
Psychometrics, Measurement & Evaluation 
Internship Manager
Spartan Complex 173C


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