Internships in Kinesiology

Kinesiology students have the opportunity to gain extraordinary real-world experience while earning course credit by completing an internship/fieldwork.  Internships enable students to develop an understanding and working knowledge of actual operations, events, planning, and management within the field of Kinesiology.  The internship experience is an essential component in a student's course of study designed to facilitate the integration of theoretical, applied and academic subject matter in our field.

Information for Students

Finding an internship/fieldwork.  The following are resources to help you locate an internship to apply for.

Once you have secured an internship/fieldwork, in collaboration with your internship site supervisor complete the relevant forms (see below) and turn them in to Dr. Shifflett (Kinesiology Internship Manager) through the Kinesiology main office.  Upon approval, KIN staff will contact you with add code information.


  • A total of 50 hours for each unit is required.
  • Read the syllabus for your internship/fieldwork carefully and adhere to the guidelines provided.
  • An internship/fieldwork report (details in syllabus) is due the 1st Monday in December (fall semester) and 1st Monday in May (spring semester).
  • Internship hours must be completed in the semester you are enrolled - incomplete grades are not given.
  • Shortly before the start of each semester an online internship information session will be provided by the internship manager.  Those registered for an internship/fieldwork should attend the online session.  The date and time will be provided through the student email distribution list.
  • Wondering where students before you have interned?  Check the past internships list we have begun to compile.
  • Questions?  Contact the KIN internship manager (Dr. Shifflett) at


To allow enough time to process all KIN forms and the UOC (university-organization contract), the deadlines for getting all paperwork in to the KIN main office each term are set in advance of the last day to enroll.

Summer 2015: Monday, May 11th, 4pm

Fall 2015: Monday, August 31st, 4pm


An online orientation session for students is provided twice a year.  Typically in January and August.  Information about the date/time are sent out through the Kinesiology Department's student email list.  Below is a link to the slides from the most recent orientation session.

Orientation Slides

Internship Forms

Fieldwork Forms

Additional information and a template to follow for the internship/fieldwork report are found on the Canvas site for internships and fieldwork.

University - Organization Agreement

This document is the formal contract between SJSU and the site where you are doing your internship or fieldwork.  SJSU has several contracts/agreements already in place - check link below.  If you or your site supervisor believe a contract/agreement already exists and is not listed, contact Dr. Shifflett and she can check further.

Service Learning

Some of our Kinesiology courses have a service-learning component.  If you are enrolled in such a course complete the form below, obtain your instructor's signature, and turn form in to Dr. Shifflett through the KIN main office.

Information for Site Supervisors

Among the forms the student will need to turn in to the internship manager in Kinesiology is a contract that will be kept on file here at San José State University.  The duration of the contract is five years.  If you have already completed a contract, there is no need to turn in a new one with each new intern you work with.  The list of approved contracts is available here:

Near the end of the semester an evaluation of the student's performance will be needed.  Please use the form at this link to complete your evaluation of the Kinesiology student intern you supervised:

Thank you for your interest and participation in our Kinesiology Internship program.  Your support and guidance complements our students' academic experiences and helps prepare them to transition from school to their careers.  Your time is greatly appreciated by all.  Please contact the Kinesiology internship manager (Dr. Shifflett) if you have any questions.