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As an undergraduate and graduate student, you will gain extraordinary real-world experience while earning course credit by completing an internship and fieldwork.

Internships enable students to develop an understanding and working knowledge of actual operations, events, planning, and management within the field of Kinesiology.

The internship experience is an essential component in a student's course of study designed to facilitate the integration of theoretical, applied and academic subject matter in our field.


Information for Students

Finding an internship/fieldwork.  The following are resources to help you locate an internship to apply for.

  • Kinesiology student email list.  Make sure you are on the email distribution list for the department.  The internship manager and department chair regularly send information out to students regarding internship (and job) opportunities.  If you are not on the list, contact Winston Kwong (KIN staff) at and ask to be added to the student email list.
  • Faculty.  Recommendations and/or contacts may be available through your designated Academic Advisor.
  • Career Center Website.  Good resources when looking and preparing for an internship are on the SJSU Career Center's website:
  • Web-based job listings.  Paid internships are fine.  So, if you're searching for a sport-related job, here's an example of a website to check out:

Once you have secured an internship/fieldwork, in collaboration with your internship site supervisor complete the relevant forms (see below) and submit them using the link provided below to the Online Internship/Fieldwork Enrollment Form. Upon approval, Dr. Shifflett will contact you with add code information.


  • A total of 50 hours for each unit is required.
  • Internship hours must be completed by the last day of classes in the semester you are enrolled.
  • Once you are registered, all course information will be on Canvas.
  • Questions?  Contact the KIN internship manager, Dr. Shifflett, at


Internship & Fieldwork Documents



To allow enough time to process all KIN forms, the deadlines for getting all paperwork in each term are set in advance of the last day to enroll.

Summer 2019 Session: Tuesday, May 14th, 4pm

Fall 2019 Semester: Tuesday, September 3rd, 4pm

Winter 2020 Session: Tuesday, December 10th, 4pm

Spring 2020 Semester: Tuesday, February 4th, 4pm

Summer 2020 Session: Tuesday, May 12th, 4pm 

Information for Community Organizations & Site Supervisors

If you would like to set up an internship with our program, please register and complete a university-organization agreement (UOA) using this link:

This is a two-step process.  First is to register (fill out partner proposal form). Second, SJSU will contact you with a request to complete online a university-organization agreement (UOA).

If you established a UOA, in the past few yeas, your site's name will show up in a search here:

The UOA is good for 5 years.


When you are ready to recruit students to intern at your site, contact Dr. Shifflett ( and provide information she can forward to the students about the internship/fieldwork opportunity.  Minimally, students would need information about the opportunity available, how to apply, and what qualifications students should have.

Note for site supervisors:  Near the end of the semester an evaluation of the student's performance will be needed.  Dr. Shifflett will provide site supervisors with the link via email.

Thank you to all of our affiliated sites for your interest and participation in our Kinesiology Internship program.  Your support and guidance complements our students' academic experiences and helps prepare them to transition from school to their careers.  Your time is greatly appreciated by all.

Please contact the Kinesiology internship manager (Dr. Shifflett) if you have any questions.

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