Criteria to be a Graduate Assistant:

All Graduate assistants must register as "Full Time" students carrying a minimum of 3 units per semester, to ensure appropriate progress toward the Masters of Arts Degree.
Appointment may be renewed for a second year of graduate study (maximum period of two academic years), to coincide with full-time status within the GATEP at San Jose State University.

BOC certified athletic trainers and BOC-certification eligible athletic trainers (those having met all BOC requirements to take the certification examination) are encouraged to apply for a graduate assistantship.
Stipends range from $10,000 to $21,000 academic year contracts. Stipends are dependant on placement and may include health insurance at some sites.

Teaching Assistantships in the Undergraduate Athletic Training Education Program are available up to in-state full tuition waiver and are distributed on the discretion of the athletic training faculty.
Students who obtain a graduate assistantship must register each semester for 3 units of KIN (A-D) Athletic Training Fieldwork in addition to coursework required for graduation.

Graduate Assistantship Sites and Links:

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