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Graduate (M.A.) Program

The graduate athletic training education program at San Jose State University, sponsored by the Department of Kinesiology, offers the opportunity to combine 12 semester hours of graduate courses in athletic training while pursuing a Master of Arts degree. Academic preparation which focuses on critical thinking skills in athletic training is supplemented with practical experience to prepare students to assume major responsibilities and leadership roles within the athletic training profession.

Opportunities to gain experience with university and community college intercollegiate athletic programs, secondary school interscholastic settings, and/or sports medicine physical therapy clinics exits for students matriculating in the San Jose State University GATEP. In addition GATEP students may participate in the education of students in the CAATE accredited UATEP. Area physicians and allied health professionals complement the graduate faculty as they contribute to the educational process by presenting guest lectures, providing clinical instruction, and facilitating opportunities for observation of orthopedic surgery for the students.

The mission of the Graduate Athletic Training Program is to enhance the mastery of athletic training discipline through a sound theoretical and reasearch base, as well as diversity of thought and experiences. The Graduate Athletic Training Education Program seeks to:

  • Develop critical and independent thinkers
  • Facilitate and promote community interaction/aid in sports medicine
  • Foster scholarly and research activities
  • Develop exemplary athletic training professionals
  • Enhance and augment athletic training skills through evidence based exploration

A unique strength to the GATEP is the ability to work with exceptional faculty in various emphasis areas including sports management, sport psychology, and sport sociology. Below are titles of recent projects and theses, show casing the various research possibilities.

Recent Masters Project and Thesis Titles 2011-2012:

Jaclyn Alongi, "Coping Mechanisms in Long Term Injuried Athletes"

Sonja Askew, "Factor influencing Athletic Training Students's Selection of Graduate Programs"

Tim Baldwin, "Effect of Prophylactic Collateral X Taping on the Lead Leg of MMA Athletes: A Pilot Study"

Maritza Castro, " Long Term Effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation on Dynamic Postural Stability in Female Athletes"

Jessica Clausen, "A Content Analysis of Concussion-Related Websites Directed toward Parents"

Lauren Dykema, "Removal of a Football Helmet and Shoulder Pades: An Instructional Video"

Celty Fitterer, "Type II Odontoid Fracture in a Collegiate Male Volleyball Player"

Marie Gishifu, "Coping Strategies for Women Athletic Trainers Experiencing Burnout, A Qualitative Study"

Amy Greenshaw, "Concssion Management Self-Efficacy by California Interscholastic Federation Officals and High School Certified Athletic Trainers"

Lisa Herbert, " A Qualitative Analysis of Emergency Actions Plans in a Marathon Series"

Josh Pendleton, " Program Directors' Perceptions of Quality in NATA-Accredited Post-Professional Athletic Training Education Programs, A Qualitative Study"

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