Sport Management Curriculum

Thesis defense

The total number of units required for the graduate concentration in Sport Management is 30 units. This concentration requires that student complete the Department of Kinesiology graduate program core courses: (KIN 250, KIN 251, KIN 298 or 299).

Most graduate classes are held Mon-Fri after 4pm.
Some classes may be offered in the Winter or Summer Sessions.

Core (6 units)

KIN 250 - Research Methods
KIN 251 - Analysis of Research and Issues in Kinesiology

Required Courses (15 units)

KIN 282 - Marketing and Social Aspects of Sport (Fall Only)

KIN 283 - Management, Leadership and Comm. in Sport (Fall Only)

KIN 281 - Legal and Ethical Aspects of Sport (Spring Only)

KIN 284 - Financial Aspects of Sport (Spring Only)

KIN 280 - Advanced Fieldwork in Sport Management

Electives (3-6 units)

(Selected in consultation with faculty advisor) 

Culminating Experience (3-6 units)

Plan A - Master's Thesis Project (6 units)
Plan B - Special Studies (3 units)