Sample Theses

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Selected Masters Theses/Projects

Cody Brailsford

An athletic training/sport psych grad student, completed a project on the coping strategies of Japanese-American athletes.

Scott Buss

A tennis coach, completed his thesis on "A comparison of the elements of stage fright to pre-performance anxiety in sport."

Amy Chang

Also a former Ironman triathlete, is currently completing her qualitative thesis on the use of the Resonance Model to aid exercise adherence in women.

Cori Houston

Recently defended her thesis on adolescent female soccer players' experiences of competitive stress. She will present her results at the 2005 AAASP conference in Vancouver.

Suzan Jensen

A triathlete who has also summited Mt. Kilamanjaro, is completing her thesis on the use of Eastern philosophy to enhance sport performance.

Lisa Lawrence

An Athletic Training grad student, completed her qualitative thesis on the relationship between long-term injury and body image among women college athletes.

Victor Santamaria

A former All-American distance runner at UCLA, wrote a thesis entitled "Effects of precise associative mental strategies on distance running performance."

Terri Schneider

An elite adventure racer and former world-class triathlete, completed her thesis entitled, "A qualitative examination of risk taking among elite adventure racers." She presented the results at the 2003 AAASP conference in Philiadelphia.

Denee Signorelli Schakow

Currently a physical education teacher, wrote, filmed, and edited a video on eating disorders that was directed towards junior high students.

Tawni Yamauchi

Currently collecting data on her thesis involving focus groups with college women who adhere or fail to adhere to regular exercise programs.