Activity Program

Practicing T'ai Chi outdoors

Welcome from the Activity Coordinator

The Department of Kinesiology at San Jose State University is proud to have the best activity program among California universities. We offer 45 different types and levels of classes on exercise, physical activities, and sports to meet the needs of 10,000 SJSU students per academic year. Teachers include national and international experts.

The product of the activity program is fit, healthy, and safe SJSU students. The activity program creates fitness, health and wellness, longevity, active lifestyle, and safety for 10,000 SJSU students per year.

The links below present the newest information on benefits of physical activities, safety guidelines and tips on self-defense, events on campus, and related topics on health and wellness.

Ten minutes visiting the activity website may help you live ten years longer!!!

Dr. Gong Chen, Activity Coordinator

Author of: A comprehensive guide to self-defense; Taichi for health; Coaching badminton 101;Table tennis


We welcome your comments regarding the activity program and/or the benefits you associate with physical activity.

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Benefits of Physical Activity