Accounting Concentration

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Department Office Phone
Accounting and Finance BT 850 (408) 924-3460


Accounting is a recognized profession concerned with the measurement, analysis, interpretation and communication of economic data. Students are prepared for careers as either certified public accountants or for the private industrial sectors of the economy. The curriculum is designed to develop a basic understanding of the conceptual framework underlying the measurement and communication of economic data; an awareness of the moral and ethical considerations involved and incentives to grow and keep pace with ever-changing issues, conditions, forces and ideas.

Course type Units
General Education: 48-51 units
Business Pool: 12 units (6 of these units fulfill Core GE requirements)
Non-business Support: 14 units (3 units fulfill Core GE req., 6 units fulfill SJSU Studies)
Lower Division Business Core: 4 - 7 units
Upper Division Business Core: 30 units (3 units fulfill SJSU Studies)
Accounting Concentration: 27 units
Electives or Minor: Units needed to reach 120 and fulfill all requirements


A 2.0 (C average) is required in the major in order to earn the BS degree. The cumulative GPA for all business courses must be 2.0 or better to graduate.

Concentration Courses (27 Units)

Required Courses (18 units):

Concentration Electives (9 units)

  I. Select two of the following four courses (6 units):

  II. Select one of the following five courses (3 units):

*   Requires a “C” or better.
Additional criteria needed (See Accounting Department (BT 850) for details)

As of Fall 2009, ALL concentrations will require grade minimums of “C” or better in BUS 20, BUS 90, Math 70, and ENGL 1B. Grades of “C-“ earned prior to to Fall 2009 will satisfy major requirements.

Business Pool

Freshmen admitted in fall 2010 or later must complete MATH 71 with a grade of C or better. Transfer students and Freshmen admitted prior to fall 2010 complete MATH 70, Finite Math, with grade of C or better

# Effective Fall 2010, Math 71 (Calc for Business & Aviation) is required (First time Freshmen only)

Non-Business Support Courses
Lower Division Business Core
Upper Division Business Core

General Education (48-51 Units)

Core GE
Section Course name Units
A Basic Skills 9
B4 Math Concepts (Math 71) 3
B Science (including lab) 9
C Humanities & Arts 9
D Social Science* 9
E Human Understanding & Dev. 3
F1 American History**  
F2&3 US Constitution & CA Government**           Physical Education (2 separate & distinct activities)  

SJSU Studies (Requires passing the WST)

Section Course name Units
S Self & Society (Phil 186) 3
R Earth & Environment 3
V Culture & Civilization (See Non Business Global above) 3
Z Written Communication II (100W) (C or better required) 3


*   Econ 1B fulfills area D1 for Business majors
** Areas F1,F2 & F3 may also fulfill Areas D2 & D3 (See BSAC advisor for details)

Total Unit Requirement - 120 Units