Accounting Information Systems Concentration

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Accounting and Finance

BT 850

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The corporate accountant's role to gather, analyze and present information is increasingly being dated by automated accounting information systems. Advanced systems gather data when the transaction occurs and deliver financial knowledge and expertise directly to the line manager's desktop. Increasingly, the accountant's role is to work with information system professionals to build the systems that put information directly into the hands of managers. This dual concentration prepares students to lead successful careers that span the two disciplines of accounting and information systems design. Students complete the core course work in each discipline. Students completing this degree have the flexibility to pursue entry level jobs either in accounting or management information systems, and possess the foundation to pursue careers that integrate both disciplines.


Course type


General Education:

48-51 units

Business Pool:

12 units (6 of these 12 units fulfill GE requirements)                                      

Non-Business Support Courses:

14 units (6 of these 12 units fulfill SJSU Studies requirements)

Lower Division Business Core:

4 - 7 units

Upper Division Business Core:

27 units (3 units fulfill SJSU Studies requirements)

AIS Concentration:

27 units

Total Units

123 Units


A 2.0 (C average) is required in the major in order to earn the BS degree. The cumulative GPA for all business courses must be 2.0 or better in order to graduate.

Accounting Information Systems Concentration (30 units)

I. Required Foundation Courses (15 units):

BUS1* 120A Accounting Information Systems

BUS1* 121A Intermediate Accounting I

BUS1* 121B Intermediate Accounting II

BUS1* 122A Management Accounting and Control Systems

BUS1* 123A Tax Factors of Business and Investment Decision


II. Required AIS Concentration Courses (12 units):

BUS1* 120B Accounting Information Systems Risk Assessment

BUS1* 120C Network Environments & Accounting Controls

BUS1* 120D Accounting Topics in IT Audit

BUS1* 120G Programming andSystems Development in AIS


III. Select one of the following four courses (3 units):

BUS1* 124 Forensic Accounting

BUS1*# 127A Honor's Practicum in Corporate Financial Management

BUS1* 129A Financial Auditing

BUS1* 129B Operational Auditing

* Requires grade of “C” or better
# Additional Criteria needed (see Accounting Department (BT 850) for details)

Business Pool

As of Fall 2009, ALL concentrations will require grade minimums of “C” or better in BUS 20, BUS 90, Math 70, and ENGL 1B (or, if continuous enrollment began Fall 2015 or later, English 2). Grades of “C-“ earned prior to to Fall 2009 will satisfy major requirements.

MATH 71 Business Calculus

English 2 English Composition (OR, if continuous enrollment began before Fall 2015, English 1B)

BUS1 20 Financial Accounting

BUS2 90 Business Statistics

Freshmen admitted in fall 2010 or later must complete MATH 71 with a grade of C or better. Transfer students and Freshmen admitted prior to fall 2010 complete MATH 70, Finite Math with grade of C or better.


Non-Business Support Courses

ECON 1A Principles of Econ: Macro

ECON 1B Principles of Econ: Micro

PHIL 186 Professional Business Ethics (Area S)

Non-Business Global Perspectives (Area V)
(See approved list in JHSSC)


Lower Division Business Core

BUS3 10 Discovering Business(Highly recommended for Freshmen)

BUS3 80 Legal Environment of Business

BUS4 91L Computer Tools for Business(1 unit)


Upper Division Business Core

COMM 100W , ENGL 100WB, or LLD 100WB(C or better)
(Requires passing of WST)

BUS2 130 Introduction to Marketing

BUS5 140 Fundamentals of Operations Management

BUS3 160 Fundamentals of Management and Organization Behavior

BUS1 170 Fundamentals of Finance

BUS5 187 Global Dimensions of Business

BUS4 188 Business Systems and Policy

BUS3 189 Strategic Management(Graduating Seniors Only)

BUS2 190 Quantitative Business Analysis


General Education (48-51 Units)

Core GE


Course name



Basic Skills



Math Concepts (Math 71)



Science (including lab)



Humanities & Arts



Social Science*



Human Understanding & Dev.



American History**



US Constitution & CA Government**          



Physical Education (2 separate & distinct activities)


SJSU Studies (Requires passing the WST)


Course name



Self & Society (Phil 186)



Earth & Environment



Culture & Civilization (See Non Business Global above)



Written Communication II (100W)(Requires a C or better)


*   Econ 1B fulfills area D1 for Business majors
** Areas U.S.,U.S.2 & U.S.3 may also fulfill Areas D2 & D3 (See JHSSC advisor for details)