Eligibility for upper-division courses

Business majors are expected to complete ten Lower Division courses prior to registration in upper division business courses. In order to register in upper division business courses through Touch-SJSU, business majors will need to complete at a minimum: Bus 20, Bus 90, English 1B and Math 70 with a grade of "C-" or better.

Pick up a Pool Form in BSAC and see an advisor to be cleared to register through Touch-SJSU for upper division business courses. When students meet with the advisor, they should have with them all transcripts or report cards (from all colleges attended) and the completed blue Pool Form. If the student does not have transcripts or grade reports, the advisor will lift the hold on the student's word that the Pool requirements have been met. BSAC will hold the student to verification at a later date if student does not have documentation at the time of Pool clearance.

Please note: MATH 70 requires a minimum grade of "C" to earn general education credit.

The Lower Division support courses consist of: