Applying for graduation in the College of Business

Contrary to university processes and deadlines, all graduation materials are picked up and submitted to the Business Student Advisement Center, located in the Baccardo Business Center (BBC), room 8. Graduation applications are typically available at the end of each semester and should be submitted approximately 4-6 weeks into the following semester. For example, students who plan to apply for graduation in spring 2011 can pick up an application in BSAC (there is no online version) beginning in late April and the priority deadline for submission will be in mid-September. The COB graduation process is more involved than simple submission of an application; it includes the major form, transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (excluding SJSU in spring 1991 and later), and minor forms or petitions/equivalency forms as they apply.

Feel free to contact BSAC at (408) 924-3435 or drop by if you have any questions.