Business Minors


Business Minor (Effective Fall 2005)

Non-business majors planning to minor in business must fulfill the following requirements:

Complete a minimum of 15 units in business which must include the following classes:

  • BUS 20N Survey of Accounting
  • BUS 160 Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Three additional business courses, one of which must be upper-division.
  • Six units must be taken at San Jose State University.
  • In order to earn a business minor, a student must earn a combined cumulative grade point average of 2.0 ("C") or above in all business courses.
  • Twelve units of minor coursework must be separate and distinct from the coursework in one's major, although courses in support of the major may be included in the minor.
  • BUS3 10, Discovering Business, is highly recommended for undeclared majors who are considering business as a major. It may be used in the minor. 


Business Minor For Industrial Technology Majors:

In order to graduate with a minor in Business, Industrial Technology majors must complete the following courses:

Business minor forms are picked up and submitted to the Jack Holland Student Success Center (BBC 008) at the time you apply for graduation.See an advisor at the Jack Holland Student Success Center if you have any questions.