Registration Prerequisite Course List

When you register for fall classes, the registration system will provide you access to the following courses only if you have completed or are presently in the process of completing the prerequisite courses listed below. These course prerequisites are enforced year-round and there may be additional courses added each term. In addition, beginning in spring BUS 100W has been replaced by COMM 100W, ENGL 100WB, or LLD 100WB. For registration purposes, the 3 new 100W courses have been added to the prerequisite list. Please be advised that additional course prerequisites are listed in the SJSU catalog and may be enforced by your instructors at the beginning of the semester.

Course Prerequisite
BUS 120B Advanced AIS & IS Risk Assessment BUS 120A
BUS 120C Network Environments & Accounting Controls BUS 120B
BUS 120D Accounting Topics in IT Audit BUS 120C
BUS 121B Intermediate Accounting II BUS 121A
BUS 122B Advanced Mgmt Acct & Control Systems BUS 122A & 100W
BUS 123C Taxation Individuals & Pass-Through Entities BUS 123A
BUS 124 Forensic Accounting BUS 121B
BUS 125 Special Financial Reporting Topics BUS 121B
BUS 126 Advanced Accounting BUS 121B
BUS 128 Non-Profit Accounting BUS 121A
BUS 129A Financial Auditing BUS 121B & BUS 120A
BUS 129B Operational Auditing BUS 121B & BUS 120A
BUS 171A Financial Institutions & Markets BUS 170
BUS 171B Commercial Banking BUS 171A
BUS 172A Investment Analysis BUS 170
BUS 172B Portfolio Management BUS 172A
BUS 172C Futures & Options BUS 172A
BUS 173A Financial Management Theory & Policy BUS 170
BUS 173B Problems in Financial Management BUS 173A
BUS 174 Risk Management & Insurance BUS 170
BUS 175 Real Estate Finance BUS 170
BUS 177 International Business Finance BUS 170
BUS 179B Selected Topics in Business Finance BUS 173A
Marketing & Decision Sciences
BUS 134A Customer Behavior BUS 130 & 100W
BUS 134B Integrated Marketing Comm. BUS 130 & 100W
BUS 138 Marketing Research BUS 130
BUS 139 Marketing Management BUS 134A, BUS 134B & BUS 138
Organization & Management
BUS 154 Staffing, Training, & Career Dev. BUS 150
BUS 155 Performance Management & Dev. BUS 154
BUS 157 Legal & Regulatory Issues in HRM BUS 150 & 100W
BUS 158 Compensation & Reward Systems BUS 150 & 100W
BUS 159 Senior Seminar in HRM BUS 157 & BUS 158
BUS 161B Organizational Change & Design BUS 161A
BUS 189 Strategic Management 100W & Graduating Senior Status
BUS 111 Intro to Telecommunication BUS 110A
BUS 112 Intro to Database Management Systems BUS 110B or 93
BUS 114 Advanced Systems Analysis & Design BUS 112
BUS 115 Business Strategy & Telecomm BUS 111
BUS 116 Advanced Database Management Systems BUS 112
BUS 119A Practicum in MIS BUS 111 & BUS 112
BUS 119B Business Strategy & Information Systems BUS 111 & BUS 112