Academic plan for Corporate Financial Management: Freshmen

Year 1

Fall (16 Units) Spring (13 Units)
ENGL 1A: Composition I ENGL 1B: Composition 2 

(or, if continuous enrollment began Fall 2015 or later, English 2)

Oral Comm. (A1) MATH 71 Business Calculus (Business Pool & B4)*
Hist. and Govt. (F1-2-3/D2-3) HIST/GOVT (F1-2-3/D2-3)
BUS 10: Discovering Business PE (1 Unit)
ARTS (C1) Human Understanding and Devel. (E)
PE (1 Unit)  

Year 2

Fall (16 Units) Spring (14 Units)
Bus 90: Business Statistics Bus 20: Financial Accounting
Bus 80: Legal Environment of Business Bus 91L: Business Computer Tools
ECON 1A: Principles of Economics:Macroeconomics ECON 1B: Principles of Economics:Microeconomics
Critical Thinking (A3) Letters (C2)
PHYSICAL SCIENCE (B1) Life Science (B2)
Critical Thinking (A3) Letters (C2)

Year 3

Fall (18 Units) Spring (18 Units)
COMM 100W, ENGL 100W or LLD100W** BUS 121B: Intermediate Accounting II
BUS 120A: Accounting Information Systems BUS 122A: Management Accounting and Control Systems
BUS 130: Introduction to Marketing BUS 171A: Financial Institutions and Markets
BUS 121A: Intermediate Accounting I BUS 190: Quantitative Business Analysis
BUS 160: Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior Cult. and Civ. (V) (Nonbus. Global Persp.)
BUS 170: Fundamentals of Finance BUS 187: Global Dimensions of Business

Year 4

Fall (18 Units) Spring (15 Units)
BUS 122B: Advanced Management Accounting and Control Systems BUS 173B: Problems in Financial Management
BUS 173A: Financial Management: Theory and Policy FINANCE ELECTIVE or BUS 127A*
Accounting Elect. or BUS 127A* BUS 140: Fundamentals of Operations Management
BUS 189: Strategic Management BUS 188: Business Systems and Policy
Earth and Envir. (R) PHIL 186 Professional and Business Ethics

*Bus 127A is an Honors course by invitation only.


  • English 1A requires an EPT exemption or passing score.
  • Math 70 requires an ELM exemption or passing score.
  • Must earn from of "C" or better in BUS 20, BUS 90, MATH 70 (MATH 71 for freshmen admitted fall 2010 or later), and ENGL 1B (or, if continuous enrollment began Fall 2015 or later, English 2) beginning in Fall 2009. Prior to fall 2009, grades of "C-" or better are acceptable in most cases. Accounting majors must earn "C" or better in BUS 20 regardless of semester taken. MATH 70 or 71 requires a grade of "C" or better to earn GE credit.
  • Phil 186, Bus 100W, and advanced general education courses (R, V) require a passing score on the WST.
  • One science class (B1, B2, or B5) must have a lab.
  • As of Fall 2003, BUS 163 is changed to BUS 161A and BUS 161 is BUS 161B. BUS 161A is prerequisite to BUS 161B.

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