Academic plan for Corporate Financial Management: Transfer

Year 1

Fall (18 Units) Spring (18 Units)
COMM 100W, ENGL 100W or LLD100W** BUS 121B: Intermediate Accounting II
BUS 120A: Accounting Information Systems BUS 122A: Management Accounting and Control Systems
BUS 121A: Intermediate Accounting I BUS 171A: Financial Institutions and Markets
BUS 190: Quantitative Business Analysis BUS 160: Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior
BUS 187: Global Dimensions of Business BUS 170: Fundamentals of Finance
Cult. and Civ. (V) (Nonbus. Global Persp.) BUS 130: Introduction to Marketing

Year 2

Fall (18 Units) Spring (15 Units)
BUS 122B: Advanced Management Accounting and Control Systems BUS 173B: Problems in Financial Management
BUS 173A: Financial Management: Theory and Policy Accounting Elect. or BUS 127A*
Finance Elect. or BUS 127A* EARTH & ENVIRONMENT (R)
BUS 140: Fundamentals of Operations Management BUS 189: Strategic Management
BUS 188: Business Systems and Policy BUS 177: International Business Finance
PHIL 186 Professional and Business Ethics  

*Bus 127A is an Honors course by invitation only.


  • The above recommended schedule assumes that the student has transferred with 63 transferable semester units from a community college and has completed all lower-division business and core general education requirements.
  • As of Fall 2003, BUS 163 is changed to BUS 161A and BUS 161 is BUS 161B. BUS 161A is prerequisite to BUS 161B.
  • A passing score on the WST is a prerequisite to all Advanced General Education courses (R, V), including Business 100W and Phil 186.

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