General Business

(Effective Fall 2010, Math 71 (Calc for Business & Aviation) is required (First time Freshmen only)


General Education: 48-51 units
Business Pool 12 units (6 of these 12 units fulfill Core GE Requirements)
Non-business Support 14 units (3 of these 12 units fulfill Core GE Requirements, 6 fulfill SJSU Studies)
Lower Division Business Core 7-10 units
Upper Division Business Core 27 units (3 units fulfill SJSU Studies Requirements)
General Business Requirements 18 units

A 2.0 (C average) is required in the major in order to earn the BS degree. The cumulative GPA for all business courses must be 2.0 or better to graduate.

Concentration Courses (18 units):#

Required Courses:

BUS4 110A* Fundamentals of Management Information Systems
BUS4 110B* Systems Analysis and Design
BUS4 111* Networking and Data Communications (BUS 110A)
BUS4 112* Database Management Systems(BUS 110B)
BUS4 113* Advanced Business Programming
BUS4 113J* Advanced Business Programming in Java
BUS4 114* Advanced Systems Analysis and Design (BUS 112)
BUS4 115* Advanced Networking and Data Communications (BUS 111)
BUS4 116* Advanced Database Management Systems (BUS 112)
BUS4 118A* Topics in MIS: Network Design and Management
BUS4 118B* Executive Support and Expert Systems
BUS4 118C* Topics in MIS: System Security and Operating Systems
BUS4 118S* Special Topics in MIS
BUS4 118W* Web Based Computing
BUS4 119A* Practicum in MIS (BUS 111, 112)
BUS1 120A* Accounting Information Systems
BUS1 120B* Advanced AIS and IS Risk Assessment (BUS 120A)
BUS1 120C* Business Network Environments and Controls (BUS 120B)
BUS1 120D* Current Topics in IT Audit (BUS 120C or BUS 111)
BUS1 120E* Platform Security & E-Commerce Controls (BUS 120D)
BUS1 120G* Programming and Systems Development in AIS
BUS1 122A* Management Accounting and Control Systems
BUS1 122B* Adv. Management Accounting Control Systems (BUS 122A & 100W(B))
BUS2 131A* Business to Business Marketing
BUS2 131B* Retail Marketing Management
BUS2 131C* Marketing of High Technology
BUS2 131D* Marketing in New Ventures
BUS2 132A* Marketing Channels and Institutions
BUS2 132B* Business Logistics
BUS2 133A* International Marketing
BUS2 133B:* Relationship Marketing: Pacific Rim
BUS2 133C* International Marketing: Developing Nations
BUS2 133E* Marketing to Eastern/Western Europe
BUS2 134A* Consumer Behavior (BUS 130 & 100W(B))
BUS2 134B* Integrated Marketing Communications (BUS 130 & 100W(B))
BUS2 134C* Online Marketing
BUS2 135* Sales Management
BUS2 136* Product Development
BUS2 137D* Special Topics in Decision Sciences
BUS2 138* Marketing Research (BUS 130)
BUS3 141* Materials Management
BUS3 142* Total Quality Management
BUS3 143* Business Management and Urban Planning Topics
BUS3 144* Supply Chain Management
BUS3 145* Global Operations Management
BUS3 146* Project Management
BUS3 147* Service Operations Management
BUS3 148* E-Commerce Management
BU3S 149* Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
BUS3 150* Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
BUS3 162* International and Comparative Management
BUS3 163* Management Issues in High Technology Companies
Bus3 165A* Global Leadership
BUS3 166* Business and Society
BUS3 167* Managing Environmental Issues
BUS3 168* Global Business and Human Rights
BUS1 173C* Small Business Finance (173A)
BUS1 174* Risk Management and Insurance(BUS 170)
BUS1 175* Real Estate Finance(BUS 170)
BUS1 177* International Business Finance(BUS 170)
BUS2 180* Individual Studies in Business (Requires Dept. approval)
BUS3 181* Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS3 182* Business Plans for New Ventures
BUS3 183* Global Entrepreneurship
BUS3 184* Business Strategy in Practice in Technology Enterprise
BUS3 191* Decision Making Under Uncertainty
BUS3 193* Data Mining
BUS3 194* Business Organization and Management of Technology Enterprise
BUS3 195* Accounting Concepts for Engineers
BUS3 198* Strategic Consulting for Small Business

* All courses within the General Business concentration require grades of C- or better. A cumulative 2.0 GPA is required in all business classes. Courses within bold are prerequisites.

# The courses selected must include at least one from each of Marketing and O&M. There could be as many as 12 credits from any one department and as many as 6 credits transferred in from another college, provided the transferred courses add value to the concentration (e.g., courses from engineering used to bolster a career path in technical sales).

NOTE: The following Accounting & Finance courses are excluded from the list of courses available to the General Business concentration: BUS121A, 121B, 123A, 124, 125, 126, 128, 129A, 129B, 171A, 172A, 173A, 171B, 172B, 172C, and 173B. However, if students that were previously A&F students have taken any of these courses and later change to General Business, they may count as part of the 18 units General Business students are required to complete.

Business Pool

Freshmen admitted in fall 2010 or later must complete MATH 71 with a grade of C or better. Transfer students and Freshmen admitted prior to fall 2010 complete MATH 70, Finite Math with grade of C or better.

Non-Business Support Courses

Lower Division Business Core

Upper Division Business Core

General Education (48-51 Units)

Core GE

Section Course name Units
A Basic Skills 9
B4 Math Concepts (Math 71) 3
B Science (including lab) 9
C Humanities and Arts 9
D Social Science* 9
E Human Understanding & Dev. 3
F1 American History**  
F2&3 US Constitution & CA Government**                    Physical Education (2 separate & distinct activities)  


SJSU Studies (Requires passing the WST)

Section Course name Units
S Self & Society (Phil 186) 3
R Earth & Environment 3
V Culture & Civilization (See Non Business Global above) 3
Z Written Comm. II (100W) (requires a C or better) 3

* Econ 1B fulfills area D1 for Business majors
** Areas F1,F2 & F3 may also fulfill Areas D2 & D3 (See BSAC advisor for details.)

Interdisciplinary Electives or Minor(See a BSAC advisor for details)

Total Unit Requirement – 120 Units