International Business Concentration

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School of Global Innovation and Leadership

BT 450

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The concentration prepares students for research and administrative positions with organizations engaged in conducting, regulating or monitoring business operations across national borders. Attention is focused on international economics and environmental variables in foreign countries that influence the practice of overseas accounting, management, marketing, finance, and human resource management. Multinational corporations are examined by structure, function, and role as economic and social change agents. Multidisciplinary area studies are integral elements providing for analysis of the obstacles and incentives to foreign direct investment in world regions and specific countries. A minor in Area Studies or an approved foreign language is required. It is highly recommended that U.S. students majoring in this area try to arrange at least one semester of study outside the U.S.

Study abroad will be required of all students that enter CSU or a community college in fall 2009 or later and intend to graduate from SJSU with an international business concentration. Those who attended a California community college or CSU prior to fall 2009 and have maintained continuous enrollment are NOT held to the study-abroad requirement. Pease check Study Abroad Requirement(pdf) for more details


Course type


General Education:

48-51 units

Business Pool:

12 units (6 of these units fulfill Core GE requirements)

Business Prerequisites :

12 units (3 units fulfill Core GE requirements, 3 units fulfill SJSU Studies)

Lower-Division Business Core:

7-10 units

Upper-Division Business Core:

27 units (3 units fulfill SJSU Studies)

International BUS Concentration:

12 units

Area Studies Minor:

15 units

Foreign Language Requirement:

0-10 units


Units needed to reach 120 and fulfill all requirements


A 2.0 (C average) is required in the major in order to earn the BS degree. The cumulative GPA for all business courses must be 2.0 or better to graduate.

International Business Concentration (27-29 Units)

Required Concentration Courses (12 units):

BUS2 133A** International Marketing OR Bus2 133B** Relationship Mktg.:Pacific Rim OR Bus2 133C** Int. Risk Mktg.:Islam & Africa (133B and 133C cannot double-count with IB elective)

BUS5 162** International & Comparative Management

BUS1 177** International Business Finance


One of the following:

Bus2 133B** (Relationship Mktg.:Pacific Rim) OR 133C** (Int. Risk Mktg.:Islam & Africa) OR 133E** (Mktg to East/West Europe) OR BUS3 144** (Supply Chain Mgmt.) OR 145** (Global Operations Mgmt.) OR 156** (International Issues in HRM) OR 165A (Global Leadership) OR 168** (Global Business & Human Rights) OR 183** (Global Entrepreneurship).



BUS5 187 Global Dimensions of Business is a prerequisite to BUS5 162 International & Comparative Management

BUS2 130 Introduction to Marketing is a prerequisite to BUS2 133A International Marketing, BUS2 133B International Mktg.:Pacific Rim and BUS2 133C International Mktg.:Developing Nations (BUS2 133A is NOT a prerequisite to 133B or 133C or 133E nor is 133B a prerequisite to 133C)

BUS1 170 Fundamentals of Finance is a prerequisite to BUS1 177 International Business Finance.


Required Area Studies Minor (15 units) or Foreign Language Minor (15-17 units, see enclosed info.) or Functioning Track option (15 units, see enclosed info.)

Area Studies Minor

ECON 136 International Economics

COMM 173 or 174 Intercultural Communication and Global Understanding

Area Elective

Area Elective

Area Elective

Important: Area electives are to be chosen from the Area Studies Minor Sheet in consultation with the Area Studies Advisor, Professor B. Reynolds (History Department), DMH 140, 924-5523.

Foreign Language Requirement

(Choose ONE of the following alternatives):

  • Complete two semesters (6-10 units) of a foreign language. (Proficiency exam will be required by Dept.)
  • Demonstrate an acceptable level of competence on a foreign language proficiency exam. (Administered by SJSU Foreign Language Department.)
  • Complete at least one academic year of study in a non-English speaking foreign country.
  • Minor in a foreign language.

* Foreign Language proficiency must be documented by the Foreign Language Department, Clark Hall 421, 924-4602.

* The Study Abroad Office, CL 543, coordinates study in other countries. The phone number is 924-5931.

** As of fall 2004, all required core concentration courses require grades of “C-“ or better. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required in all business courses in order to graduate.

Business Pool

Freshmen admitted in fall 2010 or later must complete MATH 71 with a grade of C or better. Transfer students and Freshmen admitted prior to fall 2010 complete MATH 70, Finite Math with grade of C or better.

MATH 71 Business Calculus

English 2 Composition 

(or, if continuous enrollment began before Fall 2015, English 1B)

BUS1 20 Financial Accounting

BUS2 90 Business Statistics

Pool courses require grades of C or better as of fall 2009; C- or better prior to fall 2009.

Non-Business Support Courses

ECON 1A** Macroeconomics

ECON 1B** Microeconomics

PHIL 186 Prof. Business Ethics ( Area S)

Non-Business Global Perspectives (Area V)
(See approved list in JHSSCC)


Lower Division Business Core

BUS3 10 Discovering Business  (Highly recommended for Freshmen)

BUS1 21 Managerial Accounting

BUS3 80 Legal Environment of Business

BUS4 91L Computer Tools for Business (1 unit)

Upper Division Business Core

COMM 100W , ENGL 100WB. or LLD 100WB (C or better and requires passing the WST)

BUS2 130 Introduction to Marketing

BUS5 140 Fundamentals of Operations Management

BUS3 160 Fundamentals of Management and Organization Behavior

BUS1 170 Fundamentals of Finance

BUS5 187 Global Dimensions of Business

BUS4 188 Business Systems and Policy

BUS3 189 Strategic Management (Requires graduating senior status)

BUS2 190 Quantitative Business Analysis


General Education (48-51 Units)

Core GE


Course name



Basic Skills



Math Concepts (Math 71)



Science (including lab)



Humanities & Arts



Social Science*



Human Understanding & Dev.



American History**



US Constitution & CA Government**                      



Physical Education (2 separate & distinct activities)



SJSU Studies (Requires passing the WST)


Course name



Self & Society (Phil 186)



Earth & Environment



Culture & Civilization (See Non Business Global above)



Written Communication II (100W) (Requires a C or better)


*   Econ 1B fulfills area D1 for Business majors
** Areas U.S.1,U.S.2 & U.S.3 may also fulfill Areas D2 & D3 (See JHSSC advisor for details)

Interdisciplinary Electives (See a JHSSC advisor for details)

Total Unit Requirement - 120 Units


International Business Concentration

Department of Organization and Management
BT 650 
(408) 924-3550

In lieu of completing an Area Studies or Foreign Language Minor, students in this concentration may complete a “track” of functional business courses. The courses are listed below and students must select ONE track.

Please note that courses listed in bold next to the titles are prerequisites that must be completed or in-progress to have Advanced Registration access to the “track” courses.

Entrepreneurship (15 units):

BUS2 131D: Marketing in New Ventures

BUS1 173C: Small Business Finance

BUS5 181: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

BUS5 182: Business Plans for New Ventures

BUS5 183: Global Entrepreneurship (can only be used in one area)

BUS5 186S: Current Topics in Entrepreneurship

BUS5 186H: Entrepreneurship Lab (Instructor Consent Required)


Finance (15 units):

BUS1 171A: Financial Institutions and Markets (BUS 170)

BUS1 172A: Investment Analysis (BUS 170)

BUS1 173A: Financial Managements: Theory (BUS 170)

BUS1 171B: Commercial Banking (BUS 171A)

BUS1 172B: Portfolio Management (BUS 172A)

BUS1 172C: Futures and Options (BUS 172A)

BUS1 173B: Problems in Financial Management (BUS 173A)

BUS1 173C: Entrepreneurial Finance

BUS1 174: Risk Management and Insurance (BUS 170)

BUS1 179B: Selected Topics in Business Finance (BUS 173A)


Marketing (15 units):

Five courses (15 units) are required. If any of the international marketing courses are used in the required concentration coursework, 5 courses must be separate and distinct.

BUS2 134A: Customer Behavior (BUS 130 & 100W/B)

BUS2 134B: Integrated Marketing Communications (BUS 130 & 100W/B)

BUS2 138: Marketing Research (BUS 130)

BUS2 139: Marketing Management (BUS 134A, 134B, 138)

BUS2 133A: International Marketing*

BUS2 133B: Relationship Marketing-Pacific Rim*

BUS2 133C: International Marketing: Developing Nations

BUS2 133E: Marketing in Eastern/Western Europe*

*Cannot be used in both required IB concentration courses and Marketing Track.

Management Information Systems (15 units):

BUS4 092: Introduction to Business Programming

BUS4 110A: Fundamentals of Management Information Systems (BUS 110B)

BUS4 110B: Systems Analysis and Design

BUS4 111: Networking & Data Communications (110A)

BUS4 112: Database Management Systems (110B)


Additional information:

Please note that there are various lower-division courses also listed as prerequisites in the university catalog and instructors may hold students to them if they so choose (e.g. BUS 92 for BUS 110A). Students opting for the MIS track may have to add these courses at the beginning of each semester due to the fact that they are tied to the MIS major for registration purposes.