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BT 650

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This concentration is fundamentally designed to prepare its graduates for careers in management in all forms of organizations: business and non-business, public or private, foreign or domestic. The objective is to teach the fundamental principles underlying organizations, to emphasize training which will improve student's thought processes, to provide a familiarity with analytical tools of management, and to develop the student's ability to use the techniques involved in analyzing and evaluating managerial problems and in making sound decisions.


Course type


General Education:

48-51 units

Business Pool:

12 units (6 of these units fulfill Core GE requirements)

Non-Business support:

14 units (3 units fulfill Core GE, 6 fulfill SJSU Studies)

Lower-Division Business Core:

7-10 units

Upper-Division Business Core:

24 units (3 units fulfill SJSU Studies )

Management Concentration:

21 units

Electives or minor :

Units needed to reach 120 and fulfill all requirements


A 2.0 (C average) is required in the major in order to earn the BS degree. The cumulative GPA for all business courses must be 2.0 or better to graduate.

Management Concentration ( 21 units)

Required Courses

BUS3 161A*# Applied Organizational Behavior (formerly BUS 163)

BUS3 161B*# Organizational Theory Design, and Change (formerly BUS 161)

BUS3 162* International & Comparative Management

BUS3 166* Business Government and Society


# Business 161A is a prerequisite to 161B. Completion of or enrollment in 161A will be checked by the registration system before students will be permitted to register for 161B.


Choose THREE of the Following electives required within the concentration:

BUS5 141* Procurement and Supply Management

BUS5 142* Total Quality Management

BUS5 144* Supply Chain Management

BUS5 145* Global Operations Strategy

BUS5 146* Global Project Management

BUS5 147* Service Operations Management

BUS3 149* Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

BUS3 150* Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

BUS3 163* Management Issues in High Tech Companies (Senior Standing required, formerly Bus 168)

BUS5 165A* Global Leadership

BUS3 167* Managing Environmental Issues

BUS3 169A* Honors Seminar (Requires departmental consent)

BUS5 169B* Honors Practicum in Organization and Management (Requires departmental consent)

BUS5 181* Introduction to Entrepreneurship

BUS3 182* Business Plans for New Ventures

BUS2 191* Decision Making Under Uncertainty

BUS3 198* Strategic Consulting for Small Business

NOTE: Consider using your three Management electives to give yourself a specialization which may be useful when you interview for jobs after graduation. If you are interested in EntrepreneurshipHigh Technology or Supply Chain Management, career advice sheets for specializing in these areas are available from the JHSSC or the School of Management located in BT 650.

As of fall 2004, all courses within the Management concentration require grades of "C-" or better although courses taken prior do not require the grade minimum. A cumulative 2.0 GPA is required in all Business classes.


Business Pool

Freshmen admitted in fall 2010 or later must complete MATH 71 with a grade of C or better. Transfer students and Freshmen admitted prior to fall 2010 complete MATH 70, Finite Math with grade of C or better.

MATH 71 Business Calculus

English 2 Composition 

(OR, if continuous enrollment began before Fall 2015, English 1B)

BUS1 20 Financial Accounting

BUS2 90 Business Statistics


As of Fall 2009, ALL concentrations will require grade minimums of “C” or better in BUS 20, BUS 90, Math 70, and ENGL 1B. Grades of “C-“ earned prior to to Fall 2009 will satisfy major requirements.

Non-Business Support Courses

ECON 1A Macroeconomics

ECON 1B* Microeconomics

PHIL 186 Prof. Business Ethics (Area S)

Non-Business Global Perspectives (Area V)
(See approved list in JHSSC)


Lower Division Business Core

BUS3 10 Discovering Business (Highly recommended for Freshmen)

BUS1 21 Managerial Accounting

BUS3 80 Legal Environment of Business

BUS4 91L Business Computer Productivity Tools (1 unit)


Upper Division Business Core

COMM 100W, ENG 100WB, or LLD 100WB  (C or better) (Requires passing of the WST)

BUS2 130 Introduction to Marketing

BUS5 140 Fundamentals of Operations Management

BUS1 170 Fundamentals of Finance

BUS5 187 Global Dimensions of Business

BUS4 188 Business Systems and Policy

BUS3 189 Strategic Management (Requires graduating senior status)

BUS2 190 Quantitative Business Analysis


General Education (48-51 Units)

Core GE


Course name



Basic Skills



Math Concepts (Math 71)



Science (including lab)



Humanities and Arts



Social Science*



Human Understanding & Dev.


U.S. 1

American History**


U.S. 2&3

US Constitution & CA Government**                   



Physical Education (2 separate & distinct activities)



SJSU Studies (Requires passing the WST)


Course name



Self & Society (Phil 186)



Earth & Environment



Culture & Civilization (See Non Business Global above)



Written Communication II (100W)(requires a C or better)


*   Econ 1B fulfills area D1 for Business majors
** Areas U.S.1,U.S.2 & U.S.3 may also fulfill Areas D2 & D3 (See JHSSC advisor for details)

Interdisciplinary Electives or Minor (See a JHSSC advisor for details)

Total Unit Requirement - 120 Units