Student Resources


Academic Advising & Retention Services (AARS)

  • Provides graduating seniors a senior card, advising for general education and undeclared students, students requiring remediation, International Students and those who are on probation or have been disqualified
  • Location: Student Services Center, below the 10th Street Garage at San Fernando
  • Telephone: 408-924-2129

Accessible Education Center

  • A comprehensive center that provides students with disabilities reasonable accommodations & services
  • Location: Administration Building, Room 110
  • Telephone: 408-924-6000


  • A resource used to assist prospective students and their families with SJSU’s admission process requirements
  • Location: Underneath the 10th street parking garage
  • Telephone: 408-283-7500

Associated Students

  • Promotes educational, social and cultural activities for current SJSU Students
  • Location: A.S. House
  • Telephone: 408-924-6242


Bursar’s Office

  • Provides customer service and financial counseling in the collection and disbursement of funds for students
  • Location: Inside the Student Services Center (Underneath the 10th street parking garage)
  • Telephone: 408-924-1601
  • Email:

Business Convocation Ceremony

  • A website that offers students information about the Lucas College of Business’ upcoming Convocation Ceremony
  • Email:


Career Center

  • Promotes the development of SJSU students as professionals by providing the tools to guide students in making career-planning decisions
  • Location: Administration Building, Room 154; Accessible Entrance: Rm 255
  • Telephone: 408-924-6031

Commencement Guide

  • A website that provides information regarding SJSU’s commencement ceremony
  • Location: Tower Hall 207
  • Telephone: 408-924-1177

Counseling & Psychological Services

  • Provides quality services to enhance students’ learning and address life crises by providing culturally inclusive mental health services and educational counseling
  • Location: Student Wellness Center, Room 300B
  • Telephone: 408-924-5910


Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

  • Provides quality educational financing options, while delivering consistent, equitable, and timely services to student aid applicants
  • Location: Student Services Center, below the 10th Street Garage at San Fernando
  • Telephone: 408-283-7500


Gender Equity Center

  • Strives to empower students and educate the campus on a multitude of issues facing society based on gender
  • Location: Student Union, 1st Level, Room 1650
  • Telephone: 408-924-6500


Health Services

  • Provides medical care to students at SJSU
  • Location: Student Health Center (SWC) across from the Event Center
  • Telephone: 408-924-6122


Information Technology Services (ITS)

  • Supports the campus network and student information system software and email
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 408-924-1530

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)

  • Offers in-person, email and phone advising daily for international students studying at SJSU
  • Location: Student Union – CIES
  • Telephone: 480-924-5920


Jack Holland Student Success Center (JHSSC)

  • Provides declared and intended Business majors general education and major advising, as well as free tutoring and career coaching
  • Location: Boccardo Business Complex, Room 008
  • Telephone: 408-924-3435


Lucas College of Business (LCoB) Student ORganizations

  • SJSU LCoB Clubs and Student Organizations

Learning Community


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Library

  • A public library, as well as the SJSU library, where individuals can rent books, self-study and use the computers and printing
  • Location: 150 East San Fernando Street
  • Telephone: 408-808-2100

Military & Veteran Student Services Office

  • One-stop resource that plays a primary role in serving the university’s growing community of veterans and military students
  • Location: Student Union Bldg. Room 1500
  • Telephone: 408-924-8129

MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center

  • Provides support services and advocacy for students from historically underrepresented identity groups, along with programming events for all students
  • Location: Student Union 1st floor
  • Telephone: 408-924-6255


Parking Services

  • Allows students to purchase parking permits for the SJSU parking garages
  • Location: Underneath the 7th street parking garage
  • Telephone: 408-924-6556

Peer Connections

  • Offers free mentoring and tutoring services to undergraduate SJSU students
  • Location: 4 locations: SSC 600, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Library LL67, CH 1st floor, & Living Learning Center
  • Telephone: 408-924-2587

PRIDE Center

  • Supports the LGBTIQQA students of SJSU
  • Location: Student Union, 1st level
  • Telephone: 408-924-6157

Print & Technology Center

  • A place where all SJSU students can print, copy, and fax, along with other services
  • Location: Student Union (2nd Floor)
  • Telephone: 408-924-6976



  • Serves and supports all students and staff with records and registration inquires
  • Location: Inside the Student Services Center (Underneath the 10th street parking garage)
  • Telephone: 408-283-7500



  • Scholarship opportunities for LCoB students

Spartan Bookstore

  • An on-campus, student store where SJSU students may purchase books and other school supplies
  • Location: Inside of the Student Union
  • Telephone: 408-924-1800

Spartan Recreation

  • An on-campus facility where students, can workout in the Sport Club, join a team with Club Sports, play games with your pals in Intramural Sports, sign up for a Fitness Class, or take a hike with Outdoor Adventure
  • Location: Sports Club (next to the Event Center)
  • Telephone: 408-924-6368

Student Involvement

  • Resource for Fraternity & Sorority Life, Student Organizations, Campus Programming & Leadership
  • Location: Student Union, Suite 1400
  • Telephone: 480-924-5950

Student Services Center

  • Location: Ninth and East San Fernando Streets
    San José, CA 95192-0016
  • Telephone: 408-283-7500

Study Abroad

  • Answers questions and offers guidance to students interested in Studying Abroad
  • Location: Student Union – CIES
  • Telephone: 408-924-5931


Testing Office

  • Testing and assessment department that provides a wide range of test-related services
  • Location: Industrial Studies Building 228
  • Telephone: 408-924-5980

Tower Card/Student ID

  • A resource where students can take their SJSU ID photo, as well as active ID cards
  • Location: Inside the Student Services Center
  • Telephone: 408-924-1654

Transportation Solutions Center

  • Helps connect SJSU students with public transportation solutions
  • Location: Student Union (East Wing)
  • Telephone: 408-924-7433


University Police Department (UDP)

  • Responds to all calls or concerns regarding campus safety
  • Location: Underneath the 7th street parking garage
  • Telephone: Emergency Services 408-924-2222


Writing Center

  • Offers a variety of resources to help students become better writers
  • Location: Clark Hall, Suite 126
  • Telephone: 408-924-2308