What to do First

  1. Make an Appointment with an Advisor

    Advising is done at the H & A Success Center located at Clark Hall 244.  You may drop by or call to make an appointment.  The telephone number is (408)924-5095.  ONLY STUDENTS WHO HAVE BEEN ADMITTED TO THE UNIVERSITY ARE ABLE TO MEET WITH THE ADVISOR.

    Students who have attended another college or University and who have never been advised should provide copies of their unofficial transcripts.

    If you are a Humanities major with a concentration in Liberal Arts and need advising in the major, please see Prof. Susan Verducci at Clark Hall 439, telephone number (408)924-4459, or email Susan.Verducci@sjsu.edu.

  2. Prepare for Your Appointment

    Bring a list of questions you want to discuss with your advisor.  You will need to bring recorded details that are particularly applicable to you. Make a to-do list for yourself. Students coming into the major from another department at San Jose State should bring San Jose State grades if they were earned before Spring 1991.

    Use a folder, notebook, or large manila envelope to keep all your documents related to your schooling. Bring that with you whenever you see an advisor or try to question anything about your school records. Keep every piece of paper any school ever gives you. This collection should include your personal copy of transcripts or grade slips from every college you have attended and copies of GE checklists. Any time you drop, add, or change anything on your program, save the paperwork.