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The English Placement Test (EPT) is a prerequisite for taking English 1A.

The English Placement Test may not be repeated. Students who perform poorly on this test will be assigned to Basic Writing 1 or 2. (Students may not enroll in English 1A without first taking the EPT unless they have been granted an exemption on the basis of a high verbal score on the SAT, ACT, EEE, or another standardized test recognized by the University.)

The Entry Level Math (ELM) Test is prerequisite to the math courses required in the Liberal Studies program.

The three math courses required of Liberal Studies majors are Math 12 (Number Systems) and Math 105 (Concepts in Mathematics: Probability and Statistics) and Math 106 (Intuitive Geometry). No courses may be substituted unless you are not planning to teach.

Before enrolling in Math 12, Math 105 or Math 106, you must have passed both intermediate algebra and plane geometry, either in high school or at a community college.

Students who have not met the EPT and ELM requirements must take both these examinations in their first semester at San Jose State. (These tests are given only once each semester.) Registration for these examinations is held in the Testing Office, Administration Building 218 (Telephone: 924-5980). Each semester's testing schedule is listed in the Schedule of Classes.