CHLT Events


The North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO) is a contest for U.S. and Canadian high-school students in which contestants compete to solve puzzles in linguistics and computational linguistics. These puzzles can be solved by analytic reasoning alone, no previous knowledge of linguistics, languages, or computing is necessary. See here for sample problems.

NACLO consists of two rounds. The first round is open to all interested students, while the second round is for the contestants who have advanced from the first round.

The first round competition will take place 9:00AM ~ 12:00PM January 30, 2014. The top scorers in the first round will be invited back on March 13th, 2014 to compete in the second round. To participate in the first round competition, interested students should first register through the NACLO website. Registration is free.

Registered students may either participate online at their high school under the direction of a teacher, or at a local university contest site under the direction of a professor. San Jose State University is one of the university contest sites for NACLO2014.

If you choose to come to San Jose State for the Olympiad, here are some instructions:

  • Declare SJSU as your site when you register.
  • For the open round competition on January 30, 2014, come to Clark Hall 473. For directions, please click here.
  • The open round competition will start at 9AM and will end at 12PM.
  • Make sure you are there by 8:30AM for preliminary instructions and set up. It's best if you get dropped off or take public transportation. Parking is very difficult to find on campus.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. For more questions, please contact Dr. Hahn Koo.