Academic English Program

Academic English I and II are courses for entering freshmen whose English Placement Test scores do not place them in English 1A. In the Fall, Students in LLD 001 take a 3-unit lecture class along with a 2-unit activity section in the Language Development Center. Students in LLD 002 take a 3-unit lecture class. LLD 001 and LLD 002 students take a common final exam at the end of the semester. Depending on their final grades in these courses, in the Spring they may move up from LLD 001 to 002 or place into English 1A. Otherwise, they may need to take English 1A at a community college.

The coordinator of the LLD 001 and 002 courses is Stefan Frazier.

LLD 100A / ENGL 100A is one course taught in two different departments, LLD and English. It is designed to prepare students to succeed in 100W, other upper-division classes, and in their professions. The course uses a genre-based approach to help students improve their writing and to develop students' awareness of the kinds of writing they will encounter in their professions. The course satisfies the WST requirement if passed with a C or higher.

The coordinator of 100A is Rosemary Henze.