Graduate Assistantships

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Pending approval by the Department Curriculum Committee and the appropriate university offices, the Department of Linguistics and Language Development anticipates offering a limited number of Graduate Assistantships (GA) beginning in Fall 2001. The purpose of these GA positions is to provide a measure of financial support and an opportunity for our most outstanding MA Linguistics students to work closely with a member of the Graduate Faculty. Duties of GAs in LLD include maintaining regular office hours during which they will be available to tutor students enrolled in undergraduate Linguistics courses and to help faculty with assigning, reading and correcting of written course work.

Tentative requirements for the position of LLD TA include the following: must be currently enrolled, classified (as opposed to conditionally classified), and in good standing in the MA Linguistics program; must have completed Ling 111, 112, and 113 or their equivalents. LLD GA application forms may be picked up in the LLD office, Clark Hall 473, on the SJSU campus).