Project Activities

Instructional Module Development


Since Dr. Svorou returned from our first instructional trip to AJKU in early April, she and Dr. Swathi Vanniarajan (Project Director and pictured here) have been hard at work developing educational modules to send to our colleagues in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. Here, Dr. Vanniarajan is finishing his second module on language acquisition. We are working on modules for this and more fascinating topics for use at AJKU.


 SJSU Faculty Member Visits AJKU


Pictured above, Dr. Roula Svorou visited AJKU at the end of March 2014. She and the rest of the SJSU community send our warmest thanks and gratitude for their unwavering hospitality and kindness. Dr. Svorou said that she was well taken care of and was in awe of the beauty of Pakistan’s landscape and it’s people. While there, she was able to present several lectures on topics including Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics, Introduction to Role and Reference Grammar, Grammaticalization & Lexicalization and Semantic Typology of Space and meet with AJKU’s doctoral candidates. Through this trip, we were able to strengthen the bond that we are building with our colleagues at Azad Jammu & Kashmir. This is the second time that SJSU has sent faculty members to Pakistan through University Partnerships and we look forward to welcoming AJKU faculty to SJSU in the fall. Please see more photos of Dr. Svorou’s trip to Pakistan below.

SJSU Faculty and Staff visit AJKU in November 2013

AJKU Faculty

Novemeber 2013, our former Contract Manager Hillary Evans and Grant Director Swathi Vanniarajan traveled to Mazaffarabad, Pakistan to meet with AJKU faculty and staff. We look forward to sending Professor Svorou to Pakistan soon and welcoming AJKU faculty this summer!


San José State University’s Dr. Swathi Vanniarajan, pictured here on the left, will be working with Ph.D candidates from AJKU to develop successful dissertations as well as creating two Language Acquisition Modules for use at AJKU.