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Ling 203 Dictionary Project

Beyond the Dictionary

What’s in a Word? Graduate students in Dr. Svorou’s Ling 203 Semantic Structures course research corpus (large collections of computer searchable text) data from 1800 through 2012 to explore word meaning from many dimensions using the tools of cognitive semantics. Here are some highlights:

  • Maria del Mar Castellano Sonera - Feeling irrevocably in love? Irrevocably doomed? Is something irrevocably broken? Do not panic! There may still be hope for you. Discover that irrevocably may not be so irrevocable after all! [Read more...] []
  • Lucas Garcia - Effervescent: A bubbly word that describes both antacid tablets and actors’ performances. [Read more...] [lucas.garcia@sjsu.ed]
  • Jose Antonio Jodar Sanchez - Does handkerchief sound démodé to you? Did you replace them with kleenex? Discover the different uses of ’handkerchief’ as a piece of clothing worn around the neck, inside your pocket or even over your head. Find out through this essay how not only women but also men used them in the past centuries. [Read more...] []
  • Alison McGuigan - Charade isn't just a game that involves miming out a word or a movie starring Cary Grant. [Read more...] [ ]
  • Amy Sarver - Hodgepodge is a surprisingly old word that almost sounds like it could be onomatopoeic, but it has a long and interesting history. [Read more...] [
  • Ming-Sum Lai - From lethargic states to “lethargic sprinklers”: find out how this adjective has described sleepiness over the years.  [Read more...] [ ]
  • Robert Pugh - Believe it or not, the word swag is not just an abbreviation of “swagger,” and was used in the U.S. over a century before Lil B or Soulja Boy were even born. [link pending][]
  • Monica Rosso - Ever been unfriended on Facebook? Thinking of unfriending your pernicious ex? Find out how unfriend morphed from noun into verb, and how old it is. [link pending][]
  • Kelli Wiseth - Motivational speakers, political pundits, and OTC drugs alike all promise to energize one thing or another. [Read more...] []