Frequently Asked Questions about the Certificate in Computational Linguistics

How long does it take to complete the certificate?

One year. Note that LING 115, 124, and 165 are each offered only once every two semesters. Usually, LING 115 is offered in Fall, while LING 124 and 165 are offered in Spring.

Can I get admitted just to the Computational Linguistics Certificate program?

There is no separate admission process for the certificate program. You can pursue the certificate either as a student in one of our degree programs (e.g. MA in Linguistics) or by completing course requirements via Open University. However, we do not recommend the latter since Open University students are given last priority for seats in classes.

I don't have any training in Linguistics and/or Computer Science. Am I eligible to complete the Certificate in Computational Linguistics?

Yes. Ling 101 provides an introduction to Linguistics that is sufficient for students with no background in this area. The three computational courses -- LING 115, 124, and 165 -- do not require a background in Computer Science or Mathematics, although such a background will certainly help.

I am doing my Bachelor degree at SJSU. I want to earn a certificate in Computational Linguistics. What should I do?

You need to complete 6 classes and fulfill the programming requirement. You should also make an appointment to meet with the Coordinator or the Chair of the Department.

How do I fulfill the programming requirement?

You must be able to demonstrate competence with at least one programming language, such as C(++), Java, Lisp, Perl, Prolog, Python, R, or Ruby. Most students satisfy the requirement by completing programming projects in LING 165. Other students fulfill the requirement by submitting a copy of a substantial computer program they have written on their own or for another class.

I've completed all six classes with a 3.0 grade average. What do I do now?

Go to the LLD office and fill out the form, Petition for the Certificate in Computational Linguistics [doc].

Will the certificate help me get a job?

Yes. There is good demand for skills in computational linguistics, especially in Silicon Valley. Many of our certificate students have pursued internships at local companies, some of which have turned into full-time positions. In recent years our students have interned at, or worked full time at local companies including eBay, Nuance, SAP Labs, Fluential, and CafePress Inc.