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Program Overview:

Need to complete the rest of your 150 semester-unit requirements for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam? Looking to update or expand your accounting knowledge and skills?

The Certificate in Advanced Accounting Topics is designed for you.

This four-course (12 semester unit) program builds on our San Jose State University Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals program, previous undergraduate accounting coursework and our Master of Science in Accountancy degree program.

You can select your four courses from the following:

BUS 220A - Financial Statement Analysis
BUS 220H - Auditing Concepts and Practice
BUS 220I - Forensic Accounting
BUS 220L - Legal and Ethical Environment of Accounting
BUS 220M - Accounting Ethics
BUS 220R - Software Applications for Accounting
BUS 220S - Financial Analysis & Reporting III
BUS 220U - IT Audit and Internal Controls
BUS 220V - Special Topics in Accounting
BUS 220X - Business Analysis & Valuation Using Financial Statements

The courses in the Certificate of Advanced Accounting Topics program are accelerated and typically run in either two-and-a-half-week or five-week cycles. Most courses meet during the day on the main SJSU campus.

You must complete the four courses with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 (B), with no course grade less than a C (2.0). ). A C- grade or below in any class is considered failing. Only three units of coursework with a grade of C can count toward the certificate.

You must complete all four courses at SJSU to earn the Certificate in Advanced Accounting Topics.

If you took any of the above courses to satisfy the requirements for SJSU’s MSA degree program, they will not apply for your Certificate in Advanced Accounting Topics. You will need to choose courses that you have not taken before.

If you do decide to apply to the MSA program at a later time, you will be held to the same admission standards and requirements as other MSA applicants. No courses used to complete the Certificate in Advanced Accounting Topics can be used to satisfy the requirements of the MSA degree program.

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Admission Requirements:

You must have completed a bachelor’s degree in accounting from an accredited four-year college or university in the United States, SJSU’s Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals program or SJSU’s MSA degree program.

If you have an undergraduate degree in accounting, your GPA should be 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) in the last 60 semester/90 quarter units of study, with an absolute minimum overall GPA of 2.5. There is no conditional admission to the Certificate in Advanced Accounting Topics program.

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Program Cost:

Courses are offered during the fall and spring semesters. If you take two courses per term, the total estimated cost for the program is: 

  • $5,812 for California residents 
  • $10,276 for non-residents 

The above costs only represent registration costs and do not include books, supplies, etc. Fees are subject to change.

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Registration Information:

Please complete the pre-screening process.

Our staff will review your credentials and let you know if you are approved. If you are approved, your next step will be to officially apply for the program via calstate.edu/apply.

Application openings and deadlines are as follows:

  • Spring 2020: Open August 1, 2019 – Close November 1, 2019
  • Fall 2020: Open October 1, 2019 - Close June 1, 2020

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Course Schedule

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Contact Information:

Dr. Elizabeth Grace
Director of Accounting Certificate Programs
Phone: (408) 924-3460
Email: msa-certificate-group@sjsu.edu

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