Critical Steps

Steps for Completing Your Masters degree 

(MBA for Professionals and Early Career MBA)

Applying for the Degree

Once you have completed at least nine letter-graded units at SJSU and any Prerequisite courses you are required to take, you should complete a Departmental Request for Candidacy Form. This form must be submitted to your Program Coordinator by email as a Word attachment no later than the posted document deadlines for the semester related to your graduation date. See dates below.

You must indicate 42 units worth of classes on this form. If you are not sure which classes you will be taking in the future, please enter either "BUS 297D, Special Topics in Business Administration" or simply put the classes you think you may take. During your last semester, your program coordinator will review your records and submit course substitution forms to the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations office on your behalf.

Once Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations has approved your Candidacy, an approval letter and a copy of your Candidacy form will be mailed to you. This is the only document that you will receive from the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations Office indicating your Advancement to Candidacy.

Award of the Masters Degree

Completing course requirements in a Masters program at SJSU does not mean that you will automatically be awarded a degree. You will need to initiate the process by completing the Application for Award of Masters Degree Form and submitting this application to the Lucas Graduate School of Business office. You are eligible to file an Award of Degree once you are advanced to Candidacy. If you fax your form, please be sure you fax it to our office (408/924-3426). This is a different fax number from the number on the form.

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of, and meet, all deadlines for filing paperwork. The Lucas Graduate School of Business office will attempt to assist you, but if you do not file your paperwork by the published deadlines, your graduation may be delayed. Deadlines for filing these forms are as follows:

Filing Deadlines

Graduation Date May August December
Candidacy Form Due September 1 February 1 March 15
Award of Degree Due February 1 June 1 September 1

While this page summarizes most of the policies and steps that a graduate student must follow to get his/her degree, it does not replace our university catalog which covers them in greater detail. For further information on any of our policies please visit our online catalog which has our SJSU Graduate Policies and Procedures. 

Please visit the GAPE website to review the steps you must take in order to complete your MBA.

You are encouraged to review and understand how these steps affect the attainment of your degree.