Apply Now - Domestic

Step by Step Application Instructions


Defined as U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents (Green Card holders), and non-F or non-J visa holders

MBA programs, MS in Accountancy and MS in Taxation Programs


Step 1

 Complete your application online at CSUMentor:

For MBA: For MS Accountancy: For MS Taxation:
Indicate Application Term - Fall or Spring Indicate Application Term - Fall Indicate Application Term - Fall or Spring
For Major Program/Objective select:
  • Business Administration MBA Off-Campus for the MBA for Professionals (Fall or Spring)
  • Business Administration MBA On-Campus for the Early Career MBA (Fall only)
For Major Program/ Objective select BUS ADMIN: Accountancy (MS) For Major Program/Objective select Bus Admin: Taxation (MS)
Leave the concentration option blank. The Lucas MBA programs do not offer concentrations. Leave the concentration option blank. Leave the concentration option blank.
For Degree Objective select other master's (MBA, MFA, MPA, etc.) For Degree Objective select MS. For Degree Objective select MS.


Step 2: Continuing on CSU Mentor

Test Information (8) - Fill in whatever applicable to you.  You need not have taken or scheduled the GMAT/GRE/TOEFL in order to complete the application.  Be sure to list San Jose State University as a score recipient of each exam you take.

Miscellaneous Information (9) - You do not need to enter work experience or list references as this information is sent directly to the Lucas School. However, you must answer "Do you hold or have you ever held a valid California teaching credential" as yes or no to proceed to the next page of you application.

Statement of Purpose (10) - Fill in "Sent directly to Lucas School" so that you may proceed to review and submit your application.

Submit your application and save your confirmation number!

Step 3

You will receive an important email from GAPE (Graduate Admissions) in 7-10 business days which includes your nine digit San Jose State ID and instructions on how to set up your SJSUONE account.

After receiving your ID, submit your official transcripts to GAPE

  • For transcripts from institutions in the United States:

    • Collect your official transcripts (in sealed envelopes) 


    • Please include your assigned nine-digit SJSU ID# on the requested transcripts. Submit one transcript from ALL higher education institutions attended (even if you did not get your degree) to the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations Office by mail or in-person. All transcripts must be sealed and unopened in order to be accepted as official documents. COPIES OF TRANSCRIPTS OR OPENED TRANSCRIPTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.   Please mail documents to:

San Jose State University – Graduate Admissions

One Washington Square

San Jose, CA 95192-0017

  • If you have completed a degree at an institution outside of the United States Graduate Admissions (GAPE) requires that you submit a WES ICAP course by course evaluation. This applies to all applicants with international credentials.  You may find an application and directions on the WES (World Education Services) website located at When completed, WES will submit a copy of your transcripts, degree, and credential evaluation directly to GAPE electronically.

Check your MySJSU account frequently to review the items on you "to do" list and to monitor the status of your application.

Absolute Document Deadlines

  • May 15th for all programs

Step 4

Lucas School's Required Items:

GMAT/GRE score - Be sure to indicate San Jose State University as a score recipient of the exam. This will enable us to access the score on the ETS or GMAT secure website. The GRE school code is 4687.


Two letters of reference - (see step 5)

CPA (MS Tax applications only-in lieu of GMAT/GRE) - confirmation of passing all four parts of the exam or license.

Statement of Purpose - Please state your purpose for applying to the Master of Science in Accountancy, MBA or Master of Science in Taxation program.  Include your plans for future occupation or profession, and any additional information that may aid the Admissions Committee in evaluating your preparation and your aptitude for study in your graduate business program.  It should be 1.5 pages spaced and limited to approximately 500 words.

Send your Resume, Statement of Purpose and CPA verification as attachments by email to:  Include your nine digit SJSU ID and name in the body of the email message.

Step 5

Letters of reference - Required for the MSA, Optional for the MBA and MS Tax.

  • Two letters of reference from either faculty members and/or current or former employers. The Lucas School does not have a standard recommendation form.
  • We ask that each recommender submit their letter on either University or Company letterhead. Please include contact information.
  • The recommendation letter should contain information about you that the Admissions Committee would not otherwise know by reviewing by the basic University application. The recommender's insights could include information about your ability to succeed in a rigorous program such as this, your leadership ability to succeed in a rigorous program such as this, your leadership ability, maturity, motivation and possibly a character trait that would benefit you while attending the program.  Citing examples that demonstrate the above would be helpful.
  • Send to:

Lucas Graduate School of Business
San Jose State University
Business Tower, Room 350
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0162
attn: Margaret Farmer