Job Opportunities

The market pool for this certificate is vast since Business Analytics skills are not valued by a limited array of industries. The skills are role specific rather than industry specific as illustrated by a partial list occupations that can benefit from such a program:

  • Market Research Analysts

  • Business Analysts

  • Corporate Managers

  • Small Business Owners

  • Sales Managers

  • Financial Analysts

  • Operations Managers

  • Non-Profit Managers

  • Billing Managers

  • Customer Service Managers

  • Web Behavior Analysts

  • Database manager

Individuals who desire to develop Business Analytic skills will be employed in white-collar positions at all levels of management. Certainly upper management positions that are responsible for converting data into strategy can benefit.  But just as surely, entry level managerial personnel can benefit from such skills since they are often responsible for developing databases with pertinent information to be used by mid- and upper-level managers. In short, any industry employing and particularly companies within that industry that strive to make tactical and strategic decisions on a data-driven basis would have an interest. The Bay Area has an abundance of industries and companies that match this description. The online nature of this certificate, of course, allows us to reach even beyond the Bay Area.