Fall 2014 Schedule MST

MST classes are held at the Lucas Business Complex, 2933 Bunker Hill Lane, Suite #120, Santa Clara.

Please note that all schedules are subject to change at any time without notification.

Books will be available at the Spartan Bookstore unless otherwise noted below. Be sure to obtain your book at least two weeks before class begins.  If the Spartan Bookstore is out of stock, ask someone to order you a copy and be sure they have your name.

Fall 2014 Schedule

Fall 2014 MST Schedule PDF version: MST Schedule Fall 2014 (.pdf)

Course Number / Course Name Meeting Time Class Number Instructor Textbooks/syllabus

BUS 223A Tax Research and Decision Making


Thursdays 9/18-11/20
6:00-10:00 PM
Final project due by 12/11

 50559 Annette Nellen, JD, MBA, CPA
San Jose State University

No textbook.

BUS 223G Taxation of Business Entities

Prerequisite (or concurrent): BUS 223A

Not available to students admitted before Fall 2013.

Wednesdays 9/24-12/3
6:00  - 10:00 PM
No class on 11/26


 50560 Joel Busch, JD, MST, CPA San Jose State University

No textbook. Readings will be comprised of IRS, FTB, BOE and other publications/materials.


BUS 225K Advanced Individual Taxes (online)

Prerequisite: BUS 223A, must have the necessary hardware and software to complete this course which is completely online



 50561 Annette Nellen, JD, MBA, CPA
San Jose State University

No textbook. All materials online.

BUS 225L Accounting for Income Taxes

Prerequisite (or concurrent): BUS 223A

Tuesdays 9/23-12/2

No class on 11/25

 50562 Jeff Sokol, Tax Partner, Deloitte

No textbook.


BUS 225V Tax Considerations for High Tech Companies

Prerequisite: BUS 223C or BUS 223G

Not available to students who took Bus 223E.

Wednesdays 9/24-12/3

No class on 11/26

 50607 Eric Ryan, Partner, DLAPiper

No textbook. Instructor will provide a list of articles, court cases, etc. for each class.


BUS 225W Introduction to International Taxation

Prerequisites: BUS 223A and 223G (or concurrent)*

Mondays  9/22-11/24, 6:00-10:00PM
(No class 11/10)

 50564 William R. Skinner, Tax Associate, Fenwick & West

This class counts as a ^ elective.

No textbook: Readings from the Code and Regulations (international) and BNA portfolio.



*If you have taken both BUS 223B and 223C, that will meet the BUS 223G prerequisite requirement.