Open University - MST

  1. Open University allows qualified students who are not enrolled in a program at SJSU to take a class if there is space available.

  2. Open University may be appropriate for someone wanting to take just one MST course (such as for CPA continuing education requirements), someone with an MST degree (who may be working on the Advanced Certificate in Taxation), or someone eligible to enroll who prefers to start with an introductory MST class to determine if they want to enroll in the MST program.

  3. Please note: The capstone classes, BUS 223D, BUS 223E and BUS 223H may not be taken through Open University unless you are enrolled in the Advanced Certificate Program.

  4. Students who have been denied admission to any SJSU graduate program are not eligible to take graduate courses at SJSU via Open University.

  5. Students are only allowed to transfer in nine units into the SJSU MST Program. Open University classes are considered the same as transfer classes, so if you have not transferred in courses from other universities, you can count up to nine units taken through Open University toward your degree.

  6. To sign up for an MST course through Open University, please complete the steps.