Prospective MBA ONE Student

The MBA-One is a full-time program that is completed in twelve months of intensive study. It is designed for non-working individuals who prefer a rigorous cohort style of learning. Admission to the MBA-One program is for the Fall semester only and runs from August to August. This accelerated program allows students to enter or re-enter the workforce and command higher salaries in less time than our other MBA programs take to complete.

MBA-One students come from countries around the world as well as from across the United States, and bring with them a wide range of experiences and perspectives. This creates a rich, dynamic learning environment both inside and outside of the classroom.

MBA-One graduates are working in companies throughout Silicon Valley and beyond, literally side-by-side with MBAs from other programs around the region, nation, and world. The knowledge and skills MBA-One students gain from their studies at the Lucas GSB make them valuable members of business teams across the region.

List of some of the companies where graduates from our MBA-One programs work.

Outstanding Educational Opportunity

Excellent teaching is central to San Jose State University’s mission, and Lucas GSB faculty members are exemplary in this regard. The faculty members who teach in our MBA-One program are committed to making the year-long journey an exceptional educational experience. Accomplished faculty, collaboration within the cohort, and an intensive, high-expectation environment make the MBA-One an excellent choice for business graduate education.

As a member of the MBA-One cohort, you and the others in the cohort will take each course together, and you all will work and study together throughout the program. The diversity of skills and backgrounds in the cohort, as well as the camaraderie that develops, will enhance the educational experience for everyone. You will also be building relationships that last a lifetime.

We consider our faculty to be the prime strength of our programs. They are dedicated to providing relevant, practical, and up-to-date graduate business education to our students. This excellence is due to our faculty’s diligence and commitment to maintaining their scholarship through a focus on applied research. Through professional organizations, personal collaboration, and industry contacts, Lucas GSB faculty also maintain linkages with Silicon Valley businesses. Current students and alumni overwhelmingly and consistently express great satisfaction both with the education they have received from Lucas GSB programs and with the quality of instruction that our faculty provides.

Experiencing Silicon Valley

Many of the courses in the MBA-One program emphasize the lessons provided by Silicon Valley in assignments and cases. To emphasize the uniqueness of Silicon Valley in the global environment of business, our students are exposed to local business professionals and local businesses throughout the year of instruction. The MBA-One program offers extraordinary advantages at an exceptional value that other full-time MBA programs find difficult to match.

The coursework includes guest lectures by Silicon Valley executives, panel discussions, and company tours. To make the program truly enriching, MBA-One faculty organize the Silicon Valley connections collectively for each cohort when the program begins in August. These activities will complement the assignments and cases based on Silicon Valley firms, resulting in a degree that will be a Silicon Valley MBA.

Lucas Career Consultant

In conjunction with SJSU’s Career Center, the Lucas GSB has its own Career Consultant who works directly with MBA-One students to provide career advice and help with the job search. Office hours, workshops, and other activities are provided to Lucas GSB students by our Lucas Career Consultant.

The Career Center has a wide range of services from resume writing and interview counseling to career fairs and expos that bring employers to campus. The services are offered continuously throughout the academic year, and the Lucas Career Consultant is your direct, person-to-person connection between your needs and the Career Center resources.

The Course of Study

Like our other MBA programs, the MBA-One prepares students through a broad curriculum of functional core courses, cross-functional and integrative courses, and elective courses. The curriculum consists of fourteen courses: ten required courses and four electives. However, due to the lock-step nature of the cohort program and the fixed time to completion, all fourteen courses have been pre-specified for the MBA-One course of study.

Each MBA-One course generates 3 semester units of credit, and each course is condensed into ten 4-hour classes in an 8-week session, with the whole program completed in 6 sessions.

Classes are held in the daytime at our easily-accessible Silicon Valley Site, which is separate from the main campus. An MBA program coordinator is onsite to assist students.

Our Expectations of Students

The MBA-One course of study is rigorous and our faculty members have high expectations of our students' performance. For these reasons, MBA-One students need to be full-time students. We discourage MBA-One students from working, even part time. The accelerated format of the program means that each course is completed in eight weeks, and students are taking two or three courses during each eight-week session. On days when no classes meet, students are expected to be preparing for upcoming classes and/or meeting with their teams and study groups to prepare for assignments and examinations.

Not being able to meet with a team to complete a group project because of a conflict in a student's work schedule is not acceptable or appropriate. To successfully meet the requirements of the program and the expectations of the faculty and fellow classmates, MBA-One students should not be working during the course of the twelve month program.

Program Cost

Effective in Summer 2014, MBA-One courses cost $2,550.00 per course.  The MBA-One program consists of 14, 3-unit classes, for a total program cost of $35,700. 

The above fees only reflect registration costs and do not include books, supplies, etc. 

Please note that fees are subject to change.