Executive-Style MBA

Prospective Executive Student

The Executive-Style MBA Program is a part-time program available to students who prefer an accelerated "executive" style of learning located at 2933 Bunker Hill Lane, Suite 120, Santa Clara, CA. Each three-unit class is eight-weeks long, with four-hour meetings one evening per week and on two Saturdays. Classes are delivered year-round in six 8-week sessions. This format allows students to complete six (or more) courses per year.

Our evening Executive-Style MBA program brings together an interesting mix of students from a variety of academic, career, and cultural backgrounds. As might be expected from SJSU's Silicon Valley location, students come to the classroom with a wealth of real-world experience, whether they are in technical positions (on the engineering or software side, for example) and want to develop business acumen, advance in managerial positions, or deepen their knowledge base.

Eighty percent of our graduate students are full-time business professionals in Silicon Valley companies; a minimum of five years of work experience is required for admission.The average age of the SJSU MBA student is 32. Reflecting the area's population, the student body is a multicultural assembly. Instruction in our MBA programs is a combination of case studies, lecture, research, team projects, computer analysis, student presentations, and presentations by members of the business community.

The advantage of this accelerated format is that students can complete the degree in less time than the semester format used in our Conventional MBA program. Students can complete this program in 28 months by taking one course per session. Like our other MBA programs, the Executive-Style MBA prepares students through a broad curriculum of functional core courses, cross-functional and integrative courses, and elective courses.  The curriculum consists of fourteen courses: ten required courses and four electives.  Elective courses can be selected to target a variety of career-related concentrations.

Lucas GSB students are working in companies throughout Silicon Valley, literally side-by-side with MBAs from other programs around the region, nation, and world. Our MBAs are adding value to the best-known, world-class Silicon Valley companies, attesting to the excellent quality of education that our degree offers. A Lucas GSB MBA can help you unlock your potential.

Program Cost

Effective in Summer 2014, Executive-Style MBA courses cost $2,550.00 per 3-unit course.  The ESMBA program consists of 14, 3-unit classes, for a total program cost of $35,700. 

The above fees only reflect registration costs and do not include books, supplies, etc. 

Please note that fees are subject to change.

List of some of the companies where graduates from our MBA programs work.