Lucas Graduate School of Business MBA Programs

Prospective MBA Student

The Lucas MBA programs offer high-caliber applied learning in an enriching environment thoroughly integrated with the Silicon Valley Experience. Courses are taught by an optimal mix of academics involved in cutting- edge research and professionals with extensive experience in the mosaic of high-tech and service businesses that constitute Silicon Valley. Students are exposed to leading business practices in the classroom and networking opportunities as an integral part of an innovative educational experience.

The Lucas MBA programs consist of fourteen courses (forty-two semester units) including ten core courses and four elective courses. All students complete the ten core courses whereas the elective courses are selected depending on the individual’s interests and learning objectives. The core courses cover all the major functional areas of business and offer rigorous broad business knowledge, necessary for the professional leaders of tomorrow. The elective courses allow students to shape their own curriculum and emphasize deeper knowledge in some of the functional areas covered in the core courses. The required courses are:

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As of Fall 2015 the Lucas Graduate School of Business will offer two MBA programs which differ according to student profile, degree completion time, flexibility, admission cycles, and program location:

Early Career MBA (formerly Conventional MBA)
MBA for Professionals (formerly Executive-Style MBA)


Our Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Engineering degree program is comprised of College of Business graduate courses and College of Engineering graduate courses. The program is 52 units in total.