Vince Fong

vince Fong

MST Course: 

BUS 227F- Personal and Business Leadership Skills for Tax Practitioners

Vince Fong came to the United States when he was 10 and has lived in the Bay Area since.  He attended UC Berkeley where he earned an undergraduate degree in engineering, an MBA, and a law degree (JD).  After all that diverse education, Vince decided the best way to find some synergy in his education and his personal interest in optimization and minimization (operations research) would be in the field of taxation.  He joined Arthur Andersen in San Francisco in 1975. In 1978 he joined Memorex to learn international tax.  After a few of years of learning under some great mentors, Vince became the Manager for Research and Planning at Varian and shortly after that, set up his first tax department as Tax Director at Atari.  In 1982, he had the opportunity to once again set up a tax department, this time for ComputerLand. In 1988, he was recruited to head up the tax department for Levi Strauss.  At Levi Strauss, he began experimenting with how to a create high performance tax department at a time when the concept of outsourcing was not known and no one would have predicted that it could ever happen to a corporate tax department.  He retired from Levi Strauss in 2004.

In 2010, Vince made the observation that most tax people, when they start out, do not know what it takes to reach their full potential and that it is often 6-10 years later, if they are lucky, before they find out.  So, Vince decided it would be a wonderful idea to create a course to teach this very vague topic to tax students and says he was fortunate to have received encouragement and support from Professor Nellen to teach it as an experimental course three times before Fall 2012 when it was first taught as an official MST course and Vince became an adjunct professor in the SJSU MST Program.

In addition to teaching, Vince devotes time to his family. He is pictured here with his grandson Bryce.