Ty Kanaaneh, Tax Partner, PwC

Fall 2011

Interview with Ty Kanaaneh, Tax Partner, PwC

-by Chanpheareak (Luis) Chim, MST student

I had such a great time interviewing Mr. Ty Kanaaneh, a tax partner at PwC in their San Jose office.  During our interview, Mr. Kanaaneh expressed his enjoyment of the SJSU MST program as the program focused on the conceptual framework and it helped him build his technical and conceptual skills. What he enjoyed most in the program was the capstone class, Business and Tax Aspects of High Tech Companies as the class provided a broader understanding of Silicon Valley companies.

Mr. Kanaaneh enjoys his career and the people he works in the firm and as his clients. Besides his busy schedule, he spends time making presentations at tax conferences and seminars. The most recent presentation he made was on income tax accounting at the 27 th Annual High Tech Tax Institute. When I asked him how to be successful in one's career, he kindly responded that one needed to be comfortable with the unknown. He mentioned that the subject of taxation is very broad and constantly changing. Therefore, one should have the desire to keep learning about taxes. To further understanding of the need to follow new developments, Mr. Kanaaneh pointed out to me some of the most important tax issues today. These include legislative developments, transfer pricing, and cross border transactions. He also pointed out that it was important to watch both short term proposals and long term proposal being considered by Congress because they could change the way today's tax system operates.

During the last part of our discussion, Mr. Kanaaneh recommended that MST students should always broaden their experiences and knowledge base. Tax issues have many connections. While working on a tax project, other issues related to that could surface. Thus, we need to be well rounded in our knowledge base to be able to handle these situations.